Saturday, June 24, 2006

With my real estate exams behind me, I can pick up my knitting guilt free again. I bought some sport weight with a repeating pattern to make socks with. Yes, socks again. Such a portable and not hot-and-sticky project to work on. And cute. My unpacking has come to a bit of a standstill. It has gotten to that "whatinthehellamIgonnadowiththis?" phase. You really gotta wonder about it all, I mean I am living just fine with out it all unpacked, so do I really need to? Yes, because someday I will remember a particular thing, say where is it? and then start tearing through boxes. I got my new stove yesterday. (finally) We have been grilling and microwaving for the last couple weeks. Now I can buy "real food" and cook "real meals" THANK GOD! Another reason I need to unpack more is to find my clothes. (and put them away) (husbands' too) Monday, I am going to start training at an Agency, (Century 21) so I need to find those khakis, blouses etc. I hope they fit. My weight is so up and down. Not a ginormous amount, but just enough to pull pants across my kangaroo pouch tummy. I HATE THAT!!!!! Whaddaya expect after 4 kids, right? (a little pro-bono work from Dr. 90210 would be nice) (or those cute surgeons from Nip/Tuck....just sayin')

As soon as I quit being lazy about picture taking, I will post pictures of the house, boxes and all, and the jungle that is my front lawn. The shrubs have taken over COMPLETELY. Like 20 years of uninhibited growth. Remember that movie "Little Shop of Horrors" with the giant talking plant saying "Feed me Seymore!".... I think I have one of those out there.... help!

Peace out, and wish me luck....

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