Friday, June 30, 2006

I am slightly freaking out because I need to get a head shot for my business cards and ads. I need to loose that 10 last pounds and my hair really needs to grow NOW !!!! Business cards are ordered in quantities of 1000, thats alot of cards with my pudgie cheeks and hair I don't luv getting passed all over Broome County. Not to mention the newsprint, internet and tv. CRAP. I know in the grand scheme of things this is minor. I know I am vain. Knowing these things about myself doesn't change anything though. I am giving myself one more week for the weight thing, and then thats it.

My brain is absolutely flooded with new stuff and business details to tie together. I have decided to banish self doubt and all memories of past failure. I can do this. I am capable. This business will be my largest stretch ever.

I haven't started my socks yet, but I think this holilday weekend I will cast on. In a couple weeks I will start more training classes for 6 weeks. I need to remember to build into my life that time to divert and create in the midst of starting a serious business. One of my sons asked me if I was going to ever have my cafe that I have always wanted but thought I could never do. This could very well be the vehicle to get me to that point. Life sure is interesting and full of twists and turns. A year ago I was preparing to move to California for 1 to 3 years. I couldn't have imagined what came next. What doesn't kill ya only makes you stronger.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Feels Like The First Time....

Ohhh yeah, baby... my first time with my new notebook. I am loving it. So yesterday was very interesting. We had this ginormous flood, and as the oldtimers say "Back in '72, Agnes wasn't this bad..." I do remember Agnes in '72. I was about 8 I believe. And I was living about 2 minutes from where I do now at my grandmothers house. We never got to go out and gawk at the flood. I went for a walk yesterday and tv just doesn't do the sight of a flood justice. Unbelieveable. I want to go back down and take pictures later. I feel awful for all the people who have lost everything, and especially those who just went through this last year. I am glad I live on a hill.

Ok, I just have to say that I feel a little like Carrie Bradshaw (Sex in the City). My favorite show, I think because that was always a dream of mine. Living in NYC with my other sexy single girlfriends, having a fabulous career, drinking cocktails and wearing fabulous clothes. We all have secret fantasies that will never become reality. And thats ok. I figure I get to try out all these different lives through my fantasy life. In reality it would never be as good.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I got through my first day of training at Century 21, my brain is a blur of new info to soak in. I feel like such a duh though because the phone system befuddled me setting up my voice mail. Oooh, yeah I have a desk and voicemail. I feel real. Of course I share the space, but it's still real. And I have been tracking my new laptop and it is due to arrive today...maybe this morning!!!! So excited. No more fighting off the boys to get on-line. They are obsessesed with Warcraft, and I mean all of the boys, big one included. I shall hide away with my laptop and swat their little hands away from it. Yes I will.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

With my real estate exams behind me, I can pick up my knitting guilt free again. I bought some sport weight with a repeating pattern to make socks with. Yes, socks again. Such a portable and not hot-and-sticky project to work on. And cute. My unpacking has come to a bit of a standstill. It has gotten to that "whatinthehellamIgonnadowiththis?" phase. You really gotta wonder about it all, I mean I am living just fine with out it all unpacked, so do I really need to? Yes, because someday I will remember a particular thing, say where is it? and then start tearing through boxes. I got my new stove yesterday. (finally) We have been grilling and microwaving for the last couple weeks. Now I can buy "real food" and cook "real meals" THANK GOD! Another reason I need to unpack more is to find my clothes. (and put them away) (husbands' too) Monday, I am going to start training at an Agency, (Century 21) so I need to find those khakis, blouses etc. I hope they fit. My weight is so up and down. Not a ginormous amount, but just enough to pull pants across my kangaroo pouch tummy. I HATE THAT!!!!! Whaddaya expect after 4 kids, right? (a little pro-bono work from Dr. 90210 would be nice) (or those cute surgeons from Nip/Tuck....just sayin')

As soon as I quit being lazy about picture taking, I will post pictures of the house, boxes and all, and the jungle that is my front lawn. The shrubs have taken over COMPLETELY. Like 20 years of uninhibited growth. Remember that movie "Little Shop of Horrors" with the giant talking plant saying "Feed me Seymore!".... I think I have one of those out there.... help!

Peace out, and wish me luck....

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

My Grown Up Girl House

Finally moved in, and back on-line. Its been a crazy time for me. On top of moving, I have been studying real estate. I took and passed my 45 hour course, and just took my state exam yesterday. I am so relieved to have that behind me now.

Life is good. I really love my new house and neighborhood. Nice neighbors, quiet, and close to everything. I am sooo not unpacked yet. I want to have a yard sale soon and sell off my "old life." All that stuff that just doesn't go in this house. All that stuff you decorate with when you are young and have no taste yet I feel like this house reflects a new me. The grown up girl.

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