Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mothers Day. A day to honor Mom. Give her some flowers and chocolate. Maybe take her out to brunch. I love the handmade cards I have received from my boys over the years and sweet little gifts. Sweaty handfuls of dandylions and wildflowers. As they get older Mothers Day has gotten a little more "sophisticated." Storebought cards replace the handmade, one by one. I decided I would enjoy going out to breakfast with all my men this morning. I knew every restaurant would be packed but thats ok, we are spending time together, right? It didn't take long for #2 son to melt down due to hunger. Out of boredom he began to hit #4 son in the arm. #3 son got in on it also and began to call #4 son "Cupcake." Various threats were made by their father and I and we managed to diffuse the situation and eat and even laugh and have fun.

I guess my point is that no matter how old or young your kids are, or how you choose to celebrate the day, take a deep breath and enjoy your kids. They really do grow up sooo fast.

Peace Out all you Moms and Kids

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