Sunday, April 16, 2006

Long time, no computer...

Back in NY, back on line for an afternoon anyway... We have been living at my sisters' house, all 10 of us plus 3 cats and a Mini dog. I have gotten the boys established in their new schools and it is going well. We are closing on our new house on the 20th. We have bought a nice raised ranch that needs a facelift. Paint, floors and tame the jungle in the front yard. We are really close to the boys schools and 5 minutes from Dans' work. Pictures to follow soon. I am gonna get a laptop soon. I have been soooo jonesing to get on-line at my sisters house. They are technologically challenged. It has been mad crazy busy for us as you can tell.

Ya know how I keep writing about figuring out what I want to be when I grow up? I'm thinkin' a Real Estate agent. Now don't judge me, hear me out. Over the years I have sold LOTS of stuff. Cosmetics as a hairdresser, Tupperware, Avon, Discovery Toys, Mary Kay...don't think I left anything out... and then I became a bus driver. That was a great job at that time for me because I got back into the workforce, and I didn't need daycare for my kids. Still, it left me with an empty feeling. I always thought it would be cool to sell houses, but I never thought I was smart enough to handle such an endeavor. I'm still not sure about the smart thing, but I really enjoy learning new things, and sales (I'm a glutton for punishment) is a turn on to me. And, to make a real geek confession, I actually watch the cable access channel where they show homes for sale...when I am not shopping for one. So, I've been studying and I am signed up for a class. I think it's a good job for someone with ADD, in that I will have variety in my tasks, a little desk time, drive time, social time. Selling houses I think will be a more satisfying product to sell rather than brightly colored plastic bowls or other crap nobody really needs, (but ya gotta convice them to buy so you can make your quota...) people need shelter.

Remember my transportation dilema? Let me refresh your memory for you: I sold the shaggin' wagon, Dan bought a motorcycle w/the $'s from that, we let #1 son have our Saturn in NY to drive, then we find out we have to move back to NY. I was really hoping for something red, fast and sexy. I instead got a '95 Buick Park Avenue. Burgundy, h e a t e d l e a t h e r seats with a moon roof and a thumpin' stereo system. OK, it's a granny wagon, a q-tip car, old fart mobile, but I really, reeeaaly like it. No rust. It's even got a supercharger. Essentially it has everything I ever wanted in a car, it's just not sexy unless you are old enough to enjoy lunch at the Senior Center, or voted for Eisenhower.

Well, I guess that's a close enough update. I am in danger of being scolded for my rudeness at the family dinner here....only so long you can hide away at the keyboard with out being noticed, ya know. Peace Out!

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