Sunday, February 05, 2006

Wine is not fine at Superbowl time....try a Corona w/Lime...

I have to say that my stress level has decreased the last few days. I am feeling so much better. Nothing has really changed with our situation, I have just become at peace with it. Everything will work out, I know it will. It always does. Yesterday I didn't do any ramming around. My main goal was to go through our clothes and closet and organize to pack. We are going to be living out of our suitcases for a couple weeks so I had to find NY winter stuff. I realized I don't have enough socks. I have been wearing flipflops for 6 months now, so I wasn't worried. Next room to tackle is #4 sons room. What a nightmare. A room a day is my goal. Fortunately for me we left alot of stuff in NY, so it won't be too bad.

I'm not feeling it for my WIPS yet. I want to make a sweater for ME with Noro. I will work on my sock today so I have another pair for NY.

Dan was channeling Emeril Lagassi yesterday and made 3 big pots of food. Chili, Pork roast, and Chicken and rice soup. The Chili is for today, gotta have football food. He loves to cook, not so much the cleaning though. Still doing the clean up this morning. We ran the dishwasher 3 times yesterday! Dan likes to chop, and work from scratch more than I do. I'm always looking for the quick and dirty dish to keep the hungry throngs at bay. He is a weekend cooker, so he is more at leisure. The great thing is we will have leftovers so this will get me out of more cooking later in the week.

We used to watch the Superbowl with my sister and bro-in law and make a big ol party out of it. This year its just us and it makes me a little sad. Superbowl is almost a holiday like Christmas...anticipated event. (I'm not trying to blaspheme here, just a metaphor) So we have chili, and I'm gonna make guacamole-love that stuff. And then the big question is What Beer Will We Drink??? Wine is not fine at Superbowl time, really. I'm feeling like a Corona w/lime. That was an unintentional I'm gonna leave it alone...OK, enjoy your day, the game, whatever you are into...PEACE OUT!

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