Sunday, February 19, 2006

This is wrong for soooo many reasons.....

Quite possibly the most disturbing thing I have ever seen knitted, let alone seen in my entire life. Yet I cannot stop laughing...he has a knit "happy trail", and WTF with the daughter playing with daddys knitted naughty bits? I found this on another blog and knew I must have it for my own. Unbelievable. Why are the suits knit in an angora type yarn? The blog I found this on is (need to give proper credit) Someones knitting obsession has gone terribly, terribly wrong. That little boy is gunna be soooo pissed in about 10 years. They need to be put in a witness protection type thing for the rest of their lives...Notice they have pink nipples...I think I see a bellybutton on mom...And WHAT is in the boobs? Mom also really shoulda clued in on the fact that the natural look in pubes is really OUT. A nice little landing strip would have sufficed. Unbefreakinlievable.

Holy Crap,Man! Thats a sasquash bush! And no way, even in a knitted suit should daughter be touching daddys naughty bits...
Oh. My. God.

Words fail me....
Ok....I've know, I was just thinking, whenever I buy yarn/fabric, the friendly cashier/cutter people always ask what I'm making....

What on earth do you think that knitter said?
Yeah, can you imagine how many skeins that project took? That gives a whole new spin on "Fun Fur". Wonder if she used Monkey Fur? I could keep going...I haven't really stopped laughing since I saw this yesterday. Half disgust, half laughing. My kids saw that post and FREAKED.
What do you think the dad is saying to the girl? I have an idea...any body a caption...or thought bubble...don't be shy
r u sure its a little girl? theres a lot stickinout down there on her 2 but even if sheis a boy she shouldnt be playin with dads
I saw that it a too low bellybutton? Or is it her "hey nanny nanny"? Those kids are gonna need therapy.
What is this??! WHAT!? ... um.... freakish.... wool .... with children..... WRONG!!

* Father dearest, i say, what is that fluffy monstrosity hanging from your shoddily wool clad figure? And father. What size needles did mummy use. Ooooo daddy can i take it into school for show and tell? O can i pleeeeeeeeeease!?*
Don't you expect to see the teletubbies in the picture too?
I have one last comment...Aaahhoooogaaahhh!!!!
Ok, that is truly gross! The father looks a little too happy about the daughter touching his knitted Johnson. -Michele
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