Sunday, February 05, 2006

Steelers and Corona win Superbowl

I am thrilled with the Superbowl results! I really expected a little more of a nail biter, but thats cool. Since the NFL gets all uptight with people discussing the specifics of a game, and I don't know all the rules regarding that and the internet...I will just sum up a couple of aspects of the event. The commercials I felt really left something to be desired. Kinda lackluster and not memorable. There is not one single commercial I remember besides the Burger King number and that was just ok in my opinion. Ok, nextly the beer situation. So I went to Ralphs to get the Corona and lime and it appears the beer of choice in So. Cal for the Superbowl is Corona Extra. I had to get the light. That section of the beer aisle was almost empty. There were 2 6 packs of Light and a few 40s'. Of course this is not a scientific sampling, but it is a curious observation. And Corona does not advertise during football games to my knowledge, but maybe they should get this some research...sell more beer. Just a thought. The halftime show was good. Not fabulous, just good. I like the Stones but they did not rock my world. I remember the year Aerosmith played and they really rocked the stadium.

No knitting has happened today. Earlier we took a drive all the way down to Capistrano and went to the beach there. It was gorgeous. Nothing makes me feel like the ocean does. I just sat on the rocks and watched the surfers and the waves breaking on the rocks. Heaven.

Well, I guess thats all for my post game analysis...time to fold a few loads of wash and brace myself for another Monday. Peace Out!

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