Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Queen of my Universe, Master of my Domain

Well, it's getting down to the wire with our time here in sunny So. Cal. Paradise. Surf City, USA. My little slice o' heaven. The movers are coming to pack us on the 28th, (happy freakin' birthday to meeeeee....) we leave Mar. 1st. My neice is coming to visit on the 21st. This weekend we need to really get organized to go so we can play when she is here. And since I am deprived of female company around here, we will do many cool girly things. Shopping, pedicures, makeup shopping at Sephora, beaches, more shopping, lunches at outdoor cafes. O h y e a h . I am probably looking more forward to her coming than she is.

I finished up another hat for Justin, he loves hats, another scully. Another hat will be in the works 'cause #3 son wants one. One of my best hats thus far, gotta say.

Valentines Day: One size fits all lingerie is usually not a good idea. Unless you are a 5' 2" size 0. Then One size is your size. ' Nuff said.

I have found ipods to be a wonderful thing for teenagers. itunes is my new form of manipulation. Mwaaahhaaahaaaahaaaa....(evil laugh.) "Mom, can I do jobs around the house to download a cd?" Youbetcha! Right now my little minions are folding wash, did the dishes, swiffered the floors. I see no end in sight. The end will be when their memory runs out in the ipods..and then there is always earning the new ipod. .Mwaaaahaaahaaahaaahaaaa!!!!! Yes, its good to be the queen. And right now, I am.

I am lovin' the Weight Watchers! I lost 4 lbs. in 2 days. And the food is good. No torturous de-tox for 3 days. I hate the 3 day detox!!!! No coffee, no flavor food. Eeewwww. Of course I know the first 5-7 lbs is water...but I love the smaller number anyway. I even bought W. W.'s cookbook because I think my family would actually eat the food. When I did LA Weightloss, I cooked my meals separately from theirs. What a pain. OK, now I am rambling. Actually thats all I ever do. I just like to blab about myself. Peace Out!!!

ash lost a bunch of weight on WW too.... I should try it, right now I am in the middle of two days of ultra-health weight loss smoothie. ... blech. but my mom did it and it worked, so It worth a shot.
Cant wiat!
Its a great start! Problem with those smoothies are the blech factor. Only so long before you can't stomach them anymore.
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