Monday, February 13, 2006

OK, feeling better, but still kinda crummy. I felt like death until about noon, made myself shower and go grocery shopping. My favorite activity. And I went to Target (Tar zhay) to get a scale. I haven't owned one in a long time and I guess I look that way too. I was shocked. I will not tell the number. Suffice it to say I started stripping down immediately after seeing the number cause I couldn't believe my eyes. Friday I decided to try Weight Watchers plan because it seems a little more real life than when I did LA Weightloss. LA worked but I was a slave to the diet. NO WINE. But weight watchers assigns points to everything and a glass of my beloved wine is only 2 points. I can handle that. So I am doing that online and it is pretty cool, I can print up menus, shopping lists and recipes. Plus, lots of it is stuff I can feed to the rest of the family. I told you February is the month to fix myself. Yikes. Thank God I started walking in January. I think I will knit a little tonight. Work on that sock. I'm gonna need it.

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