Friday, February 10, 2006

Navel-gazer, yep, that's me

Last night we took #2 son out for dinner (sweet 16) at Joe's Crabshack. I love the crabcakes there and left stuffed. Normally I eat half and bring half home. I wish I did, cause I felt very fat afterword. Uggg. I remember the days when I could eat anything and never, ever gain an ounce. I used to try to gain weight. Go ahead, hate me. Its true. When I was a teen and in my 20's I was accused of various eating disorders so I would get a big mac for lunch and eat nonchallantly in front of my accusers. Damn those big macs, for they deposited stealth fat cells in my ass and belly. And not my boobs. The injustice of life. Those stealth fat cells are evil and trick you into believing you are impervious to cellulite. Then WHAMMO! 36 hit and overnight all hell broke loose. I've been battling this middle age spread thing ever since. I miss my boney hip bones of 20 yrs. ago. I had a pair of Jordashe jeans I bet wouldn't go up my calf now. So whats up with all the navel-gazing? It is that time of year again, my birthday is coming so I go into self-improvement/trashing myself mode. Suddenly, I see eye wrinkles, sun damage, zits, lumps etc. that I swear were not there in January. I used to go into a panic and crank up a workout regime so I would feel better by B-day. This year, I started walking in January and I still am. Not daily, but a good long walk at least 3 times a week. Its a start.

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