Thursday, February 16, 2006

My Gears are Grinding

OK, do I even have time to think about knitting or blogging? Sure I do! I am the queen of procrastination and have been known to pull off amazing feats of organization and cleaning at the eleventh hour. I look around this house, and I just can't face it. Yesterday, I decided to make a highly detailed list of tasks, then arrange them in order of priority. That is one way of doing something with out really getting something done. But if anybody asks what you're up to, you just wave that list and say "I've been working on this!" It's like driving a standard, I keep trying to shift without pushing the clutch in. My clutch is a crisis or deadline. Once the realization of that hits, I easily shift into gear and pretty soon I am going zoom, zoom! (Mazda commercial) . Right now I feel like an old station wagon (Vista Cruiser?) with a bad tranny. It'll all come together. It always does. Think I'll go work on my list now. Peace Out!

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