Monday, February 27, 2006

Movin' On...not that I want to.

Well, I figured I better get one more post out there before they (the movers) pack up the computer on me. I should be sleeping, but I can't, my thoughts are just racing. Tonight we took Lindsay to the airport, and had dinner at Joes' Crabshack first. The boys love that place. I do not even want to deal with this but I h a v e to. We had some fun though in the last few weeks and thats important. We made some great memories, and the boys got to see something new and have new experiences.

I'm trying to decide what knitting project to pack for the plane. I have another hat the dreaded camo red heart yarn. It is perfect for this project though. The boys want these camo hats...beanies or skullies or whatever ya call em. But the camo is cool for that. It is almost a mindless project and that would be great to do in between napping, snacking, and ipoding. Speaking of my ipod, I just bought a ton of music from i tunes. The great part is my boys and I like most of the same stuff. I got some Bob Dylan, thanks to my neice cause she likes him and that reminded me I do too, and then a mix of all kinds of people. Def Leppard, Queen, Black Sabbath, ZZ Top, and more Doors. I have a schizo mix going on in my ipod.

Well, I guess I will try to get some sleep, the movers are coming at 8 am, and I have to have my sacred Starbucks time undisturbed first. Or I am grumpy. 4 real. Peace Out!

Hope your move goes well...and you are so a capital K knitter!
I mean Knitter! Oops!
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