Friday, February 03, 2006

Mels' got big feet...

I played today and it was great! I went to Hollywood again with "T", figuring I need to scope out everything better 'cause my neice is coming out soon. We take the train and is that a slice of life right there. I was standing holding the pole (not dancing, quit that a long time ago....) and a nice gentleman gave me his seat. Chivalry lives! I love it. I did feel bad because he looked like a laborer on his way home and he deserved to sit in my opinion. But he insisted. I took pictures in front of Graumanns Chinese theater of the hand and footprints. It is interesting to me which stars have small feet. Mel Gibson has bigger feet than John Wayne. Unless it's just the shoes. Arnolds' feet are smaller than I thought they would be. ( I hear steroid use causes shrinkage...just sayin') Clint Eastwood has good sized feet. I thought he would. Cary Grant has average size feet. Paul Newman and Joanne Woodwards' are my favorite because they are together and are signed " his and hers." Awwww, that's cute.

Just so you know how the family liked the "Quick and Dirty Chicken Surprise" recipe, my #4 son said "Mom, you've really outdone your self this time." He is nine, take it for what its worth.

And in knitting news: Last night I sewed up the Brown Shrug, picked up the stitches to make the collar and then knit till my eyes were en fuego. I put it up at 11:30. I have a few more inches to go and then I will be done. And then, I must finish my stripped sock. Then I will be up to date on my WIPS. Oh, not really. I still have to finish my "Mud Flap Girl" tank. That is my last lonely WIP.

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