Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I can't come up with a witty title today, so this is it.

I think my eyes are still burning from Sundays knitted nudie pic. Right now, I have 1 week until the movers come. It doesn't seem real. The good part is I will be having fun with my niece for my last week here. I am still procrastinating a little this morning...for instance: blogging when I should be phone calling and sorting through the rest of my papers strewn on the living room floor. I am a paper spreader. I can't sit at a desk and figure stuff out, I gotta see it all and spread it. Whata mess. Its my mess, and thats how I like to do things.

I have alot of creative mojo flowing right now in the knitting department, I can't wait to order this one yarn from Southwest Trading Co. and make this sweater they have the pattern for. The yarn is Karaoke and its a gorgeous varigated in blue and purple....to d i e for. I also want some hemp yarn to make washcloths with. I heard its good for that, plus with a washcloth you can practice new stitches and have a useful swatch. Remember my resolution to learn new stitches? I haven't forgotten..once I get settled in NY I will begin that.

Yep, I'm a little boring today. Just putting off dealing with life for a little longer, make some coffee, walk in circles etc. OK, I'll go eat breakfast...peace o u t.

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