Sunday, February 12, 2006

God reads MY blog...

So Nature took its course and that bastard cat got my birds. Nest and feathers all over the place. I am pleased to see that God took a special time out to post and advise me on the whole letting nature take its course thing. Whoda' thunk it? Well as they say in real estate "Location, location, location" and that nest was in a BAD location.

In other news: We went up to Santa Monica, went to the famous pier there. Very cool. Then we went to Venice Beach, its a real slice of life there. You have old hippies, wannabe hippies, rastas, yuppies, senior citizens, skateboarders, rollerbladers and anything else you can think of hanging out there. A great place to spend the day if you are a people watcher. There are shops and
homes along the beach, also there, the famous Muscle Beach where they have weight lifting and other manly feats of strength. It looks much as it must have in the 60's, and if you are game you can get tatoos, piercings, henna tatoos, inscense, and a real purty glass bong. Of course there is your typical beach stuff, t shirts, pizza etc. I did a lot of people watching as I am in the midst of an evil cold. I feel awful this weekend, but since its nearing the end of our time here, I must keep going. Today we went back to Crystal Cove with #4 son, the other 2 are such party poopers sometimes. Someday they will kick themselves when they realize they watched tv instead of doing cool stuff with their cool parents. (I am to cool!) It was 80 today and the beach was the place to bake the cold out of me. I pretty much sat and sunned myself, and waded in the waves a little. #4 son built castles and tunnels in the sand.

And about the knitting, I am bored with my stash, and my wips, and I don't feel like another scarf for now. My tune may change once I get back to cold NY. I am looking for a sweater pattern that excites me.

Well, theres a glass of Alkaseltzer Plus with my name on it. So Peace Out, Y'all!!!

$%&#*@@^ cat.
Yep, it was a depressing sight.
I can't wait to come!
I already started packing :)
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