Thursday, February 02, 2006

Chicken Surprise

I am a tired woman today. My sleep patterns are still a little screwed up. My ambition is nil, and I just want to skip to March or April. The thought of moving again so soon just completely overwhelms me. The good news about that is we have movers to do the packing, and I really don't have to go through the big sorting festival I did over the summer. Not to mention all the packing of stuff to go into storage. Oy! I think the daily grind is what really can get me down. But there are still things in life that are good, and I try to keep focused on those. Endless Sunshine! Healthy children! Soft, sensious yarn waiting to become a garment! Yes, and good wine and chocolate...

This afternoon I have to pick up #4 son from school, then take #3 son to guitar. #2 son will be home shortly after that and then begins the dinner process. I have to figure out something not boring for dinner. Usually by Thursday my creativity in the kitchen is bottoming out and its time for pizza. I had a little too much fun over the weekend, so pizza Thursday won't happen this week. Chicken Surprise sounds good. That's what I tell my sons when they ask what I'm cooking and I say Chicken and they say Chicken what and I say Chicken Surprise. Meaning I have no clue, but so far I have Chicken.

Brown shrug is still waiting patiently for me to finish up. Ever so patiently. Tonight should be good for working on it, since there is nothing vital on at primetime. 2 nights in a row of Idol, with a Lost after (repeat) which I can knit through, but lately the tv is too distracting. So a little wine, my ipod and brown shrug are my plan for tonight. Days like these are when I really miss Michael,Jessica and Adam and Ashley. The house was always busy and loud, kids playing pool in the basement, loud music, indoor snowball fights...Dan would try to be grumpy about all the ruckus but he couldn't keep it up. I will be glad to get home to them. Life has been a little too quiet for us all. We all miss it.

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