Monday, February 27, 2006

Movin' On...not that I want to.

Well, I figured I better get one more post out there before they (the movers) pack up the computer on me. I should be sleeping, but I can't, my thoughts are just racing. Tonight we took Lindsay to the airport, and had dinner at Joes' Crabshack first. The boys love that place. I do not even want to deal with this but I h a v e to. We had some fun though in the last few weeks and thats important. We made some great memories, and the boys got to see something new and have new experiences.

I'm trying to decide what knitting project to pack for the plane. I have another hat the dreaded camo red heart yarn. It is perfect for this project though. The boys want these camo hats...beanies or skullies or whatever ya call em. But the camo is cool for that. It is almost a mindless project and that would be great to do in between napping, snacking, and ipoding. Speaking of my ipod, I just bought a ton of music from i tunes. The great part is my boys and I like most of the same stuff. I got some Bob Dylan, thanks to my neice cause she likes him and that reminded me I do too, and then a mix of all kinds of people. Def Leppard, Queen, Black Sabbath, ZZ Top, and more Doors. I have a schizo mix going on in my ipod.

Well, I guess I will try to get some sleep, the movers are coming at 8 am, and I have to have my sacred Starbucks time undisturbed first. Or I am grumpy. 4 real. Peace Out!

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Smoke on the water......

Today started out kinda difficult for me...wasn't feeling great, a little depressed. We just kinda' chillaxed a while and did laundry etc. The guys and Linds went to HB to shop and I did some domestic stuff and tried to get out of my funk. The sun was great and hot so I stretched out in it and tried to put the thoughts of leaving in the far recesses of my mind. The plan was to have our fire on the beach tonight. We brought hotdogs, brats, jiffypop (it burned) (as always) etc. What a great night to be at the beach! The water was so nice for this time of year. I collected lots of shells and sand because I am going to make a zen garden of HB. The sunset was gorgeous, and that is an understatement. I just stood in the water watching the sun sink and the colors all melt together in the sky and fade into the ocean. Tomorrow I have to get serious about packing and tying up loose ends here. Tuesday the movers come, they will just leave the beds and we stay hereTuesday night, they come back to pack up the rest of our stuff and we spend Wednesday night in a hotel in LA, and then fly home Thursday. My week is planned out to the minute practically. Part of me just wants this to be over with, but I love So. Cal and I want to enjoy every last minute here.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Catch Up Day

OK, so we have been sooo busy since Lindsay has arrived, finally I have time to catch up and post. We so far have gone to Huntington Beach, done some great shopping in Newport, drove down to Laguna, and yesterday went to Hollywood. Lindsay has also gotten to experience 3 hours of gridlock on the 405, a classic California experience... Still left on our itinerary: Venice Beach, and bonfire on the beach. I think tonight is the bonfire.

Only 3 days left til moving day...yuck. Trying to still live in denial. I keep pushing it to the back of my head. Life just keeps moving forward nomatter how you try to will time to stand still. But I am making lots of great memories, and I can't think of a better way to spend my last days here than to share them with my neice. (Girls gotta play!) She showed me some new shopping delites like Urban Outfitters and I introduced her to my favorite place to play, Sephora.

Time to go catch up on housework a bit. All this playing has left me with a few mounds of laundry. So peace out, ya'll.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I can't come up with a witty title today, so this is it.

I think my eyes are still burning from Sundays knitted nudie pic. Right now, I have 1 week until the movers come. It doesn't seem real. The good part is I will be having fun with my niece for my last week here. I am still procrastinating a little this morning...for instance: blogging when I should be phone calling and sorting through the rest of my papers strewn on the living room floor. I am a paper spreader. I can't sit at a desk and figure stuff out, I gotta see it all and spread it. Whata mess. Its my mess, and thats how I like to do things.

I have alot of creative mojo flowing right now in the knitting department, I can't wait to order this one yarn from Southwest Trading Co. and make this sweater they have the pattern for. The yarn is Karaoke and its a gorgeous varigated in blue and d i e for. I also want some hemp yarn to make washcloths with. I heard its good for that, plus with a washcloth you can practice new stitches and have a useful swatch. Remember my resolution to learn new stitches? I haven't forgotten..once I get settled in NY I will begin that.

Yep, I'm a little boring today. Just putting off dealing with life for a little longer, make some coffee, walk in circles etc. OK, I'll go eat breakfast...peace o u t.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Doggie Style part 2

I started out with the look on the right, but the neckline was too big, so I picked up stitches, decreased a bit an fashioned a nice roll collar, on left. I am very pleased with this and can see how to improve the next design. Now to write this all down before I forget it!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

This is wrong for soooo many reasons.....

Quite possibly the most disturbing thing I have ever seen knitted, let alone seen in my entire life. Yet I cannot stop laughing...he has a knit "happy trail", and WTF with the daughter playing with daddys knitted naughty bits? I found this on another blog and knew I must have it for my own. Unbelievable. Why are the suits knit in an angora type yarn? The blog I found this on is (need to give proper credit) Someones knitting obsession has gone terribly, terribly wrong. That little boy is gunna be soooo pissed in about 10 years. They need to be put in a witness protection type thing for the rest of their lives...Notice they have pink nipples...I think I see a bellybutton on mom...And WHAT is in the boobs? Mom also really shoulda clued in on the fact that the natural look in pubes is really OUT. A nice little landing strip would have sufficed. Unbefreakinlievable.

Doggie Style

I decided last night that Mini, my precious little girl, needs a sweater for NY. So I just decided to wing it. I have looked at patterns and I don't have the right size circs. or dpns. or whatever and I wanted to use up what I have in my yarn stash. I have a very simple little prototype in the works and it will have a roll collar and waist. No dpns, or circs. She has been hiding from me this morning because she did not appreciate being measured. I decided to try measuring her with the width of my hand and just pet her so as not to further freak her out. We shall see how that measuring method works. My knitting today is yet another way to avoid what I should be doing. I couldn't face it yesterday and I still can't today.

Last night I also successfully avoided reality by watching War of the Worlds. I liked it even though lately I think Tom Cruise is a nut job. He is still a good actor, albeit flakey in his personal life. (Like I have a whole lotta room to talk)

So far I have lost 10 lbs on the Weight Watchers. Yeah!

I suppose I should either finish up the sweater for Mistress Mini, or do something on the to do list, or revise my to do list, again. So hey, Peace Out!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

My Gears are Grinding

OK, do I even have time to think about knitting or blogging? Sure I do! I am the queen of procrastination and have been known to pull off amazing feats of organization and cleaning at the eleventh hour. I look around this house, and I just can't face it. Yesterday, I decided to make a highly detailed list of tasks, then arrange them in order of priority. That is one way of doing something with out really getting something done. But if anybody asks what you're up to, you just wave that list and say "I've been working on this!" It's like driving a standard, I keep trying to shift without pushing the clutch in. My clutch is a crisis or deadline. Once the realization of that hits, I easily shift into gear and pretty soon I am going zoom, zoom! (Mazda commercial) . Right now I feel like an old station wagon (Vista Cruiser?) with a bad tranny. It'll all come together. It always does. Think I'll go work on my list now. Peace Out!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Queen of my Universe, Master of my Domain

Well, it's getting down to the wire with our time here in sunny So. Cal. Paradise. Surf City, USA. My little slice o' heaven. The movers are coming to pack us on the 28th, (happy freakin' birthday to meeeeee....) we leave Mar. 1st. My neice is coming to visit on the 21st. This weekend we need to really get organized to go so we can play when she is here. And since I am deprived of female company around here, we will do many cool girly things. Shopping, pedicures, makeup shopping at Sephora, beaches, more shopping, lunches at outdoor cafes. O h y e a h . I am probably looking more forward to her coming than she is.

I finished up another hat for Justin, he loves hats, another scully. Another hat will be in the works 'cause #3 son wants one. One of my best hats thus far, gotta say.

Valentines Day: One size fits all lingerie is usually not a good idea. Unless you are a 5' 2" size 0. Then One size is your size. ' Nuff said.

I have found ipods to be a wonderful thing for teenagers. itunes is my new form of manipulation. Mwaaahhaaahaaaahaaaa....(evil laugh.) "Mom, can I do jobs around the house to download a cd?" Youbetcha! Right now my little minions are folding wash, did the dishes, swiffered the floors. I see no end in sight. The end will be when their memory runs out in the ipods..and then there is always earning the new ipod. .Mwaaaahaaahaaahaaahaaaa!!!!! Yes, its good to be the queen. And right now, I am.

I am lovin' the Weight Watchers! I lost 4 lbs. in 2 days. And the food is good. No torturous de-tox for 3 days. I hate the 3 day detox!!!! No coffee, no flavor food. Eeewwww. Of course I know the first 5-7 lbs is water...but I love the smaller number anyway. I even bought W. W.'s cookbook because I think my family would actually eat the food. When I did LA Weightloss, I cooked my meals separately from theirs. What a pain. OK, now I am rambling. Actually thats all I ever do. I just like to blab about myself. Peace Out!!!

Monday, February 13, 2006

OK, feeling better, but still kinda crummy. I felt like death until about noon, made myself shower and go grocery shopping. My favorite activity. And I went to Target (Tar zhay) to get a scale. I haven't owned one in a long time and I guess I look that way too. I was shocked. I will not tell the number. Suffice it to say I started stripping down immediately after seeing the number cause I couldn't believe my eyes. Friday I decided to try Weight Watchers plan because it seems a little more real life than when I did LA Weightloss. LA worked but I was a slave to the diet. NO WINE. But weight watchers assigns points to everything and a glass of my beloved wine is only 2 points. I can handle that. So I am doing that online and it is pretty cool, I can print up menus, shopping lists and recipes. Plus, lots of it is stuff I can feed to the rest of the family. I told you February is the month to fix myself. Yikes. Thank God I started walking in January. I think I will knit a little tonight. Work on that sock. I'm gonna need it.

Why Oh Why?

Fashion Victim Witnessed on Beach in 80 degree weather...WTF? Do you see the UGGS on that chicks feet? Fleece boots on the beach...let it sink in.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

God reads MY blog...

So Nature took its course and that bastard cat got my birds. Nest and feathers all over the place. I am pleased to see that God took a special time out to post and advise me on the whole letting nature take its course thing. Whoda' thunk it? Well as they say in real estate "Location, location, location" and that nest was in a BAD location.

In other news: We went up to Santa Monica, went to the famous pier there. Very cool. Then we went to Venice Beach, its a real slice of life there. You have old hippies, wannabe hippies, rastas, yuppies, senior citizens, skateboarders, rollerbladers and anything else you can think of hanging out there. A great place to spend the day if you are a people watcher. There are shops and
homes along the beach, also there, the famous Muscle Beach where they have weight lifting and other manly feats of strength. It looks much as it must have in the 60's, and if you are game you can get tatoos, piercings, henna tatoos, inscense, and a real purty glass bong. Of course there is your typical beach stuff, t shirts, pizza etc. I did a lot of people watching as I am in the midst of an evil cold. I feel awful this weekend, but since its nearing the end of our time here, I must keep going. Today we went back to Crystal Cove with #4 son, the other 2 are such party poopers sometimes. Someday they will kick themselves when they realize they watched tv instead of doing cool stuff with their cool parents. (I am to cool!) It was 80 today and the beach was the place to bake the cold out of me. I pretty much sat and sunned myself, and waded in the waves a little. #4 son built castles and tunnels in the sand.

And about the knitting, I am bored with my stash, and my wips, and I don't feel like another scarf for now. My tune may change once I get back to cold NY. I am looking for a sweater pattern that excites me.

Well, theres a glass of Alkaseltzer Plus with my name on it. So Peace Out, Y'all!!!

Friday, February 10, 2006

Hummingbird update

Now there are 2 eggs in the nest...

And momma bird

Clearly, I have too much time on my hands...

I have now seen it all. Really. I was on this funny site, and saw a link to I had to look. Like passing a trainwreck, you gotta look. If you have a randy sense of humor, take a peek. It is not a porn site, don't worry. But if you are at work I would say wait til u get home.

Navel-gazer, yep, that's me

Last night we took #2 son out for dinner (sweet 16) at Joe's Crabshack. I love the crabcakes there and left stuffed. Normally I eat half and bring half home. I wish I did, cause I felt very fat afterword. Uggg. I remember the days when I could eat anything and never, ever gain an ounce. I used to try to gain weight. Go ahead, hate me. Its true. When I was a teen and in my 20's I was accused of various eating disorders so I would get a big mac for lunch and eat nonchallantly in front of my accusers. Damn those big macs, for they deposited stealth fat cells in my ass and belly. And not my boobs. The injustice of life. Those stealth fat cells are evil and trick you into believing you are impervious to cellulite. Then WHAMMO! 36 hit and overnight all hell broke loose. I've been battling this middle age spread thing ever since. I miss my boney hip bones of 20 yrs. ago. I had a pair of Jordashe jeans I bet wouldn't go up my calf now. So whats up with all the navel-gazing? It is that time of year again, my birthday is coming so I go into self-improvement/trashing myself mode. Suddenly, I see eye wrinkles, sun damage, zits, lumps etc. that I swear were not there in January. I used to go into a panic and crank up a workout regime so I would feel better by B-day. This year, I started walking in January and I still am. Not daily, but a good long walk at least 3 times a week. Its a start.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

No, it's not one of those!

I may have to title my picture of the hummingbirds nest, because I have been asked 3 times at least "What in the hell is that?" No, it is not a well endowed "Hey nanny nanny". Really.

People I love

Mike and Jess Aunt Jeannette and Shannon

Adam, Ashley and Lindsay

These are just a few of the people I love and miss and am looking forward to seeing soon!

Justin (#2 son) is 16 today!

Since it is Justins' 16th birthday today, I thought I would share a few of the many faces of Justin. My Justin was 10 lbs. 9 oz. when he was born...he looked like a toddler in the hospital nursery. I think he is a born performer. He is an amazing, obsessed, skateboarder. He drives me crazy, but don't all teenagers? You can't stay mad at him because within seconds he has you laughing off whatever you were ticked about. I love him, and I am proud of him. Happy Birthday "Juice"!!!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Need a laugh, knitters? I don't recall how I found this blog but check it out:

I've gone to the birds...

I have become like the paparazzi stalking that hummingbird nest. I keep checking it to see if momma bird is there, making sure the neighbors cat isn't there..I caught that bastard cat sitting under the nest yesterday morning. He better leave my birds alone. Yeah, yeah I know the cat is only doing what comes natural...blah blah blah. I'd still like to sting his butt with a b. b. gun. But I won't, wouldn't. What I want to do is get a pic of momma bird sitting on the nest...its too cute. But I can't get close enough. Momma bird flies off as soon as she sees me. I need the big lens like the paparazzi use. And speaking of them, Brittney Spears with the baby on her lap. Ugggh. I thought, you can take the girl out of redneck country, but ya can't take the redneck out of the girl. Honestly. What a lame excuse. Terrified of the paparazzi. Next time he cries why doesn't she rub a little whiskey on his gums while shes at it? Duh. Yes, it is always easier to drive your SUV with an infant on your knee, so you can flee the paparazzi. Oh yeah, and drink your Starbucks with the other hand. OK, done with that rant.

I am thinking of taking the train up to the Staples Center this afternoon to stalk some stars myself. The Grammys are there today, and I could watch them arrive and walk the red carpet. Could be cool. Or I could beach it today, gonna be more record highs today. There have been wildfires in the OC this week and yesterday is was "snowing" ash all over. You could see pieces of it falling down around you. As you can tell, I'm not feeling very knitty this week. Not much time left here and I figure I can hide in my house and knit in NY anytime.

Well, hey, Peace Out. Gonna go do something domestic around here and earn my keep.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Life's a beach...

Glorious, amazing afternoon at Crystal Cove State Park. Just south of Newport Beach, it is practically a private beach. It is immaculate! 82 degrees today, my little slice of heaven is here!

Monday, February 06, 2006

Ok, its out of focus, but this is a hummingbirds nest in my back yard. The egg is less than an inch long and is the palest pink. I had to sneak up on it and sorry it is not quite in focus but this is just an amazing sight to me. I have been watching these hummingbirds in my back yard and then found the nest. What a sweet miracle. All day long the momma gets feathers and grass to fluff up the nest. I hope I am still here when the egg hatches....

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Steelers and Corona win Superbowl

I am thrilled with the Superbowl results! I really expected a little more of a nail biter, but thats cool. Since the NFL gets all uptight with people discussing the specifics of a game, and I don't know all the rules regarding that and the internet...I will just sum up a couple of aspects of the event. The commercials I felt really left something to be desired. Kinda lackluster and not memorable. There is not one single commercial I remember besides the Burger King number and that was just ok in my opinion. Ok, nextly the beer situation. So I went to Ralphs to get the Corona and lime and it appears the beer of choice in So. Cal for the Superbowl is Corona Extra. I had to get the light. That section of the beer aisle was almost empty. There were 2 6 packs of Light and a few 40s'. Of course this is not a scientific sampling, but it is a curious observation. And Corona does not advertise during football games to my knowledge, but maybe they should get this some research...sell more beer. Just a thought. The halftime show was good. Not fabulous, just good. I like the Stones but they did not rock my world. I remember the year Aerosmith played and they really rocked the stadium.

No knitting has happened today. Earlier we took a drive all the way down to Capistrano and went to the beach there. It was gorgeous. Nothing makes me feel like the ocean does. I just sat on the rocks and watched the surfers and the waves breaking on the rocks. Heaven.

Well, I guess thats all for my post game analysis...time to fold a few loads of wash and brace myself for another Monday. Peace Out!

Wine is not fine at Superbowl time....try a Corona w/Lime...

I have to say that my stress level has decreased the last few days. I am feeling so much better. Nothing has really changed with our situation, I have just become at peace with it. Everything will work out, I know it will. It always does. Yesterday I didn't do any ramming around. My main goal was to go through our clothes and closet and organize to pack. We are going to be living out of our suitcases for a couple weeks so I had to find NY winter stuff. I realized I don't have enough socks. I have been wearing flipflops for 6 months now, so I wasn't worried. Next room to tackle is #4 sons room. What a nightmare. A room a day is my goal. Fortunately for me we left alot of stuff in NY, so it won't be too bad.

I'm not feeling it for my WIPS yet. I want to make a sweater for ME with Noro. I will work on my sock today so I have another pair for NY.

Dan was channeling Emeril Lagassi yesterday and made 3 big pots of food. Chili, Pork roast, and Chicken and rice soup. The Chili is for today, gotta have football food. He loves to cook, not so much the cleaning though. Still doing the clean up this morning. We ran the dishwasher 3 times yesterday! Dan likes to chop, and work from scratch more than I do. I'm always looking for the quick and dirty dish to keep the hungry throngs at bay. He is a weekend cooker, so he is more at leisure. The great thing is we will have leftovers so this will get me out of more cooking later in the week.

We used to watch the Superbowl with my sister and bro-in law and make a big ol party out of it. This year its just us and it makes me a little sad. Superbowl is almost a holiday like Christmas...anticipated event. (I'm not trying to blaspheme here, just a metaphor) So we have chili, and I'm gonna make guacamole-love that stuff. And then the big question is What Beer Will We Drink??? Wine is not fine at Superbowl time, really. I'm feeling like a Corona w/lime. That was an unintentional I'm gonna leave it alone...OK, enjoy your day, the game, whatever you are into...PEACE OUT!

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Is anyone else on blogger having problems today? I cannot view my blog, but I can post. I couldn't get to this or anyother blog I read on blogspot this afternoon. I kinda got in this far through the back door of another site...but still cannot view my blog. Before that I couldn't post any pictures, so I suspect something is going on here at blogger. And that is frustrating because I just love to read my own written gems over and over again. Bask in my brilliance. You know. You all do it too.

Here's the shrugs..I love them. The second pic, was an experiment with wine and self photography...

This is my little itty bitty back yard in H.B.

Looking very mellow, ya think?

Note the attachment to my ipod. I am an addict.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Mels' got big feet...

I played today and it was great! I went to Hollywood again with "T", figuring I need to scope out everything better 'cause my neice is coming out soon. We take the train and is that a slice of life right there. I was standing holding the pole (not dancing, quit that a long time ago....) and a nice gentleman gave me his seat. Chivalry lives! I love it. I did feel bad because he looked like a laborer on his way home and he deserved to sit in my opinion. But he insisted. I took pictures in front of Graumanns Chinese theater of the hand and footprints. It is interesting to me which stars have small feet. Mel Gibson has bigger feet than John Wayne. Unless it's just the shoes. Arnolds' feet are smaller than I thought they would be. ( I hear steroid use causes shrinkage...just sayin') Clint Eastwood has good sized feet. I thought he would. Cary Grant has average size feet. Paul Newman and Joanne Woodwards' are my favorite because they are together and are signed " his and hers." Awwww, that's cute.

Just so you know how the family liked the "Quick and Dirty Chicken Surprise" recipe, my #4 son said "Mom, you've really outdone your self this time." He is nine, take it for what its worth.

And in knitting news: Last night I sewed up the Brown Shrug, picked up the stitches to make the collar and then knit till my eyes were en fuego. I put it up at 11:30. I have a few more inches to go and then I will be done. And then, I must finish my stripped sock. Then I will be up to date on my WIPS. Oh, not really. I still have to finish my "Mud Flap Girl" tank. That is my last lonely WIP.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Quick and Dirty Chicken Surprise

OK, dinner is in the oven, and I thought I would share this version of Chicken Surprise:
1 pkg. of Stove Top Stuffing, Chicken or Turkey
1 Can of Cream of Chicken or Mushroom or Celery Soup
1 Can of Chicken (like tuna, but chicken, get it?)
Shredded cheese, cheddar or jack
frozen peas or pea and carrot blend
Ok, prepare the stove top stuffing in a casserole pan (I like a pie pan, looks fancy) then set aside.
Take your canned chicken and put in the middle and spread. Add your peas.
Soup mixture is as follows: add 1/2 can of milk to soup and blend. Pour over other stuff.
Top with cheese.
Bake at 350 for 20 min or so til bubbly and cheese is melted.

Voila! Your dinner is ready.

Chicken Surprise

I am a tired woman today. My sleep patterns are still a little screwed up. My ambition is nil, and I just want to skip to March or April. The thought of moving again so soon just completely overwhelms me. The good news about that is we have movers to do the packing, and I really don't have to go through the big sorting festival I did over the summer. Not to mention all the packing of stuff to go into storage. Oy! I think the daily grind is what really can get me down. But there are still things in life that are good, and I try to keep focused on those. Endless Sunshine! Healthy children! Soft, sensious yarn waiting to become a garment! Yes, and good wine and chocolate...

This afternoon I have to pick up #4 son from school, then take #3 son to guitar. #2 son will be home shortly after that and then begins the dinner process. I have to figure out something not boring for dinner. Usually by Thursday my creativity in the kitchen is bottoming out and its time for pizza. I had a little too much fun over the weekend, so pizza Thursday won't happen this week. Chicken Surprise sounds good. That's what I tell my sons when they ask what I'm cooking and I say Chicken and they say Chicken what and I say Chicken Surprise. Meaning I have no clue, but so far I have Chicken.

Brown shrug is still waiting patiently for me to finish up. Ever so patiently. Tonight should be good for working on it, since there is nothing vital on at primetime. 2 nights in a row of Idol, with a Lost after (repeat) which I can knit through, but lately the tv is too distracting. So a little wine, my ipod and brown shrug are my plan for tonight. Days like these are when I really miss Michael,Jessica and Adam and Ashley. The house was always busy and loud, kids playing pool in the basement, loud music, indoor snowball fights...Dan would try to be grumpy about all the ruckus but he couldn't keep it up. I will be glad to get home to them. Life has been a little too quiet for us all. We all miss it.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Here's some pics of the tarpits, museum and Samuel L. Jackson at Graumanns... and a mural of Jim Morrison. I have bizillion more pics, but that would be like sitting through somebodys' boring slide show of their 6 week vacation across America.

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