Saturday, January 21, 2006

Wish I could stick it to "The Man"

Once again, my plans for fun have been foiled by "The Man". The Man in this instance is a boss of hubby dearests' who doesn't sign expense reports in a timely fashion. There are many things I could express on this subject but are not a good idea to put in print. This is our ongoing frustration with living out here. See, The Man pays many of our living expenses out here but we also maintain a house in NY. After a while everything comes to a grinding halt when The Man is @%#$&** slow with his signature. Thats all it takes. His freakin' name. How long does it take to write "The Man" ? Seriously. The good news is that the games are all Sunday and I can knit and watch guiltfree all day. So I will have to figure out an alternative to what I wanted to do today. A walk at the beach is cheap (gotta pay parking). Housework is also an activity for the day. Grocery shopping, whoooohooo! And of course I have a few WIPS going. A crazy cool sock, and ipod cozy (everyone should keep their ipod cozy) and the shrug. I got the size 15 Addi turbos so I am good to go to do the shrug. You know I will work on the shrug to the point of obsession and ignore the other WIPS, Knitting with the turbos is almost as good as sex. You just don't want to stop until you are completely spent. Well I guess its time to do a little of the howssweerrrk so I can get on with my day. Peace Out!

I have a regular Ipod, the biggin for photos and movies too ... I had to go all out on that one :)
but I love it and want to marry it.
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