Wednesday, January 04, 2006

What is wrong with me????

I just want to say I think I sounded a little crazy in my last post. When I go back and read what I've written the next day usually I don't feel that way. Maybe it's my lack of sleep. 3 nights with about 3 hours of interrupted sleep. I think I will go to the doctor if this continues. I am a worthless zombie this morning. I can't even type in color. I don't feel like shopping today. No little trip to the mall in Newport. Thats ok. Ryan wants me to go to the park today and I think I will ride my bike with him.

Dan is getting his motorcycle soon. He put money down on a Kawasaki Ninja, just like the one my oldest son Michael has. Now I can worry about the both of them... I reminded Dan that I am a cool wife to "let" him get the motorcycle, and he said "let me?" "You were the one who told me to do it" Yeah, but I know quite a few women who would have a fit about the motorcycle thing. I actually wondered if something is wrong with me because it doesn't bother me like it does other women. Maybe I am just a cool wife. It's a nicer way to think of myself.

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