Monday, January 23, 2006

Weekend update, whooohooo!

The weekend didn't go as I quite planned. I got through the grocery shopping just barely because half way through I started getting a migrane. That pretty much shot the rest of my day. Sunday was great and I watched the games and knit up that shrug. I love the shrug, the only thing I would change is I want the sleeves longer. So I think I will pick up stitches and make them longer. They are 3/4 length sleeves that are supposed to roll up but when I do that it looks too bulky. As for the games yesterday I called them both. My pick for the Superbowl is Seattle. I love the Steelers, but I think they will have too many penalties and just break my heart. The Seahawks don't get sloppy like that. There is a thing at work in Seattle I like to call the" Holmgren affect." He brought Seattle out of many years of being in a slump. Notice who is in a slump now (Greenbay). And it is a big mistake to blame it all on an "ageing" Brett Favre. Sure Brett has been around a while but he still has a lot of fire left in him. This is one chicks opinion. Just sayin'. So who will I pull for? Probably the Steelers, even though I think they will just break my little ole' heart.

One football season I decided I was gonna make my picks a different way. I went by the team logo or mascot to determine the winner. Example: The Jets vs. the Eagles. With my logic ( I use that term loosely) the Jets win because a jet is a very powerful engine that frequently sucks up birds and chews them into bits and spews them out. Hey, its not a surefire way to pick, but it was fun. Especially when I won. And I did. It drove my brother-in-law, Dave nuts. We used to watch together alot and he would just shake his head at me. He would say things like "what about point spread." Point spread, schmoint spread. Or the fact that a team was undefeated? Nope, it all had to do with the mascot. You wanna drive a man crazy? Try it sometime and then sit back and watch the fun begin.

It is freakin' windy today. The nice part about the wind is it blows the smog away and you can see the mountains. It's really a beautiful day. The bad part is the wild fires. Hopefully this will be over by tomorrow night as the weather geeks predict. Well, peace out ya'll.

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