Friday, January 27, 2006

Sleepless in the O.C.

Last night I could not sleep. All these random thought bubbles popping up, question marks, so I made lists. Then I knit 12 inches of a sleeve (size 15 needles, chunky yarn) once my eyeballs were burning sufficiently I toddled off to bed at 1am. Oy! The alarm went off at 6, and before I could finish saying "hit the snooze" DH had turned off the alarm. Time to make the Starbucks. Yesterdays' post was a prescription for PMS, totally. Cheetos, Chocolate, pizza, wine... But mentally I am better. We still don't know what to do, but at least I am not under the table rocking.

Monday I am going up to Hollywood w/a friend because we heard that Samuel L. Jackson is putting his handprints in cement in front of Manns' Theater (the old Graumanns' Chinese Theater). I am not a huge fan or anything, but you never know who else you might see while you are there. Plus probably my last chance to get up to Hollywood again before I have to leave for NY.

Later today I am going to the pier to the Farmers Market. I love going there because there are all kinds of cool artisans (not just cutesy crafts) and produce. There are these 2 women who knit lace shawls and they are beautiful. And handmade jewelry. I just like to look and soak up the creative vibes. I also have to go to Costa Mesa to pick up DH because its time for his bikes first oil change and service at the shop.

Later on, hopefully tonight I will post pics of my latest creations. I need help so I can model my sweater and little Noro hat. Peace Out Ev'rybody!

OOOHHHH Samuel L. Jackson rocks!

I'm sorry that you have to leave sounds so cool.
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