Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Run for cover!

I was talking to my nephew this morning and he pointed out to me "it sounds like you are in the middle of a shit storm, Aunt Beth." That was an astute observation. I like that. Now if only they made an umbrella for that...

Ok, lots to process here... Since the last post we got another offer on the house, $cash$. So we accepted it. There was no big haggling thing going on or anything. Somebody from Jersey, which is the situation I thought would happen cause people are coming up from the city wanting some land. This guy wants to close in 2 weeks, and we already signed some papers faxed to us. Yikes! So I need an apartment and a car and I don't know what else. I am still on the stress diet. My sweatpants are getting too loose.

Sunday we went to the La Brea Tar pits with the boys, and that was cool. It is right in downtown LA. There is a museum there and you can see all the cool bones and assembled critters they have dug up there. There are these ponds of black goo that occasionally bubble. So you stand behind a fence and watch the goo bubble. Boys are imressed by these things ya know. Then we took a drive up to Beverly Hills and down Rodeo Drive, Sunset Strip, Mulholland Drive (Very Scenic!) I saw The Whiskey A Go Go, The Hollywood Bowl and like tons of other cool landmarks. Then Monday I went up to Hollywood to see Samuel L. Jackson do the handprint thing. I went to the original Fredricks of Hollywood store and gots me a little sumpin' sumpin' 'cause I just had to!

In spite of it all, life is good. Life is beautiful. Life is funny. Life is an adventure. Just make sure you carry a big umbrella at all times.

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