Thursday, January 05, 2006

On Hold With the DMV

I am in "Hold Hell" this morning trying to get through to the NYS DMV. See, I'm selling my shaggin'wagon and because nothing is simple I could not find my original title. In my nice, neat file I have the titles to 2 vehicles I do not own anymore and a letter from Chrysler stating that I paid off the van. So, I started calling DMV to request a new title. I thought for some odd reason that the title I would receive would not show a lien. Oh, foolish woman that I am! I had them Fed/Ex me the title and now I have been on hold w/DMV to find out what in the hell I have to do...more freakin' phone calls I'm get a clear title so I can sell the van and so Dan can pick up his NINJA. I would like to go bang my head on a wall for a while.

OK, I just got done talking with a live person, who was surprisingly pleasant. Now I have to call Daimler Chrysler and request a letter from them. I still want to bang my head on a wall. But I won't because my hair looks like Meg Ryans' today (when she was in short hair mode). And I like it.

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