Friday, January 06, 2006

My little rant, and sox too....

I realize that the State of New York and the DMV in particular does its best to thwart the efforts of the citizens to make transactions in a timely manner. This time however, I won. Yes I did. I was able to sell my van yesterday and I feel fabulous. I think mostly because I conquered the DMV. And they aren't gonna get that extra $20 out of me for a cleared title. It's just the principal of the thing, all the retaxing of used vehicles, fees for every scrap of paper they say is necessary... echhh. OK, done with that rant.

I am also thrilled to report I have got my knit together again. I started a new pair of sox last night, striped pink, green and white. Think very bright, almost edible, and I keep stopping to admire the striping and forget to knit.

Well, the sun is sunny, its warm-like gonna be 80. Yesterday was downright hot...over 80 I'm sure. And it's January. I love it. Wherever you are today, I hope you are having a great day, get some tea, or wine, needles and yarn and knit yourself something bright and happy. Peace Out!

Comments: and green...awesome colour combo...(and my daughter's two favourite colours...everything has to be pink and green.)
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