Sunday, January 08, 2006

Middle age Ninja

Yep, he got his bike. It's so cool, it almost-almost makes me want to learn to ride too. Dan had a bike, and back in 1991 when he graduated from college, we were broke and the electric co. was gonna shut us off. So we cleaned out our shed and had a huge yard sale. It was good stuff too, like a claw foot bathtub I got at an auction to put in my dream bathroom, my compound bow (yes, I like to shoot a bow) some of Dans' guns, tools. And his motorcycle. I sold it cheap to this toothless scarry guy who intimidated me. Actually, he frightened me. So he never thought he would have another bike because after all we are responsible parents with a mortgage and all. So I'm happy because he's happy.

And in knitting news: My progress on the sock is great. I love that sock and I may have a hard time parting with it. I gotta stop making things that I want to wear for other people! Peace Out, ya'll!

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