Wednesday, January 25, 2006

It is Wednesday already, I can't believe it. One of my resolutions this year is to read old books, classics that I should have read years ago. So the other day I was at B&N and they have a rack of classics for $5.95. I purchased Lady Chatterleys' Lover--gasp! It is set in England post WW 1. This book has a racy reputation and it is, but it is really not about that, it is more about human nature and motive behind actions and thoughts. One of my other resolutions is to learn new stitches this year. First one being the cable stitch. I don't see myself ever getting into lace knitting because it involves keeping track of too much and that is not my forte. Challenge is good, but if I need a stiff drink to plunge into a project, forget it. (Not that wine and knitting don't go well together..) This year is more about enriching my life and knowledge of -- whatever-- and less about beating myself up over habits and vices. Health is a priority for me and should be not just in January.

And in other news: I guess it is final. We are going back to NY by the end of February. Well happy freakin' b-day to ME ! There is a family issue I need to take care of at the end of Feb. anyway. Good thing I didn't buy the Aerosmith tickets like I wanted to. (At the Pond in Anaheim--Steven Tyler...oh well.)

I am back at my striped sock. Weaving the ends in as I go along on the second sock very good idea. Soon to come... pictures of my shrug, the striped sox and the Noro hat. I might even wear it. If I dare show my" not a hat face".

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