Thursday, January 26, 2006

I cannot believe I have to start packing to leave paradise. Actually, the movers will pack. I will stress, 'cause I am sooo good at it. In fact, my teeth hurt today and I keep catching myself clenching my them. I know I will get through this move somehow but right now I feel overwhelmed. I look around the house and can't believe we are moving again...only 6 months here.

It is a beautiful day, as always in paradise. I need to get to the beach, and I think since nothing vital is going on later we will take a walk at the pier. I just really feel numb today. I can't focus and I just want to go to sleep. I feel like depression is trying to get a grip on me again. I want to just give in to the sleep. I may as well since I am being unproductive anyway. I bargain with myself and figure if I take a half hour nap, then I must work at my desk. If I am a good girl and get something done then I deserve to go to the pier tonight. Right?

I know this is a real bummer post today, but it's my blog and this is me. No use faking it.

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