Thursday, January 12, 2006

I am the "Dancing Queen" !!!!!

I recently got an ipod, and I think I am in love. My music taste is very eclectic. I have songs I love because they made me smile when I was 15. I used to sing into a hairbrush and dance in my mirror listening to Abba. I also like the Blackeyed Peas. And everything in between. I still dance around the house. I have missed my music since my cd player died on the stereo. The boys have cd players but they are bulky for housework etc. when I usually dance around. It never quite worked out. Well I got Matt (my 12 yr old) and ipod for Christmas and I was hooked. I like to knit to the Grateful Dead. Or Sheryl Crow, or Rod Stewart. I walk to Aerosmith and U2. I have missed my music for a long time now and am so glad I got my grooves back. I have to have a soundtrack for my life. Thats just the way I roll. Music defines periods of my life. I love Sinatra, Big Band, B.B. King, Patsy Cline, Eric Clapton, A/C D/C. I am all over the place. Oh, and if you live in Cali, how do you not listen to the Beach Boys and the Doors? (If you are 40 ish) (My boys do, but they have very good taste musically) There is nothing (to me anyways) like driving up the PCH listening to the Doors.

About my mood yesterday, I had another rough one today. I hate living in limbo. I soothed myself tonight by watching "That '70's Show" and sippin' some wine. ipod during commercials and a knitting mag. Plus I am stressing about Mikes' college stuff. I don't know if it's gonna work this semester. Thank God for good friends and good wine. I lean heavily upon both lately. I expect to live in limbo for a while. I love a good adventure, but when you have kids its nice to have a plan, a heads up. Corporate America does not get that. They just drop their little bomb. Hey, but I luv that paycheck that Dan gets from corporate America. Don't get me wrong. It is way better than the broke and uninsured days or olde. I did say I like a good adventure and if it is only for these few short months I will treasure my time in Cali forever. It will be my "happy place" I go to when winter is too long and cold in NY.

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