Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Honor roll good/Truancy bad

This is my life. The events are real. Names are withheld to protect the guilty and the innocent. In one day I had one child make honor roll, and I get a notice of truancy on another child. Now out here in CA, they take truancy very seriously. (Good thing they didn't in NY...) (talkin' about myself). OK, they have actual sections of the law with numbers and .'s so you can go look it up for yourself if you don't believe them. It seems my little angel got annoyed with a teacher so he left. Decided his day of instruction was over. Wonder where he got that behavior from. So back to the law, if he is truant again, I could be arrested and fined $500, and he could get a fine and community service and many other bad things. So I read him the letter and my own personal riot act, which gets weaker as time goes by because they are really beginning to wear me down.

I have just been informed its time for bed. I must go, for another day is coming and who knows what will arrive in the mail addressed to the Parent/Guardian of_______.

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