Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Gone to Hell in a Knitting Basket

Today I am Charlie Brown, and Lucy just yanked the football away. And to further accentuate my mood, you will notice I am typing in a bilous green today. I feel SHITTAY! Ya wanna know why? I was sat down last night and told that we are probably moving back to Hell, AKA Binghamton, NY by mid February. Ok, I knew we were going back, but that wasn't supposed to be until like August. I have barely recovered from our move out here. I love every morning. When I wake up I salute the sun with a coffee in my jammies. I take walks with Mini the wonderdog, I see the ocean, smell the salt in the air. When I get back to Hell, I will be smelling raw crap from the antiquated sewage treatment plant...oh joy.

Color change, I almost gagged a moment ago. So in order to get my brain wrapped around that news last night, I got my hiney down to Ralphs', got me some wine, (Pinot Grigio), strapped on my ipod and went into a knitting trance. My sock is posolutely good enough to eat. I knitted and sipped myself into a striped sock coma. I think I shall take more of that cure this evening. Striped sock- The Sequel.

Awww....that sucks....and not too much time to wrap your mind around the big move.
And the worst is being in limbo. I don't know if and when it will happen. I have 3 kids in school. It would be nice to finish the school year!
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