Friday, January 20, 2006

Friday, Glorious Friday

The sun is just glorious this morning! It is a cool 41 degrees but the sky is clear. I have been out saluting the sun and checking the garden. We planted lettuces, beets, herbs (the legal variety) and some pansies and violas. We have tomatoes also. I want to put in some onion sets too. I hope we stay long enough to eat our produce. Still no news on a February move. It's getting a little late for them to pull that off, unless they take him home and leave us here to move alone. Whatever.

I started my shrug last night and is it ever easy. I have the back and front completed already and I would have started a sleeve but I need 15 circs. in a length longer than they sold at my lys here. So I will have to go to Longbeach to get that. I should be wearing this by the end of the weekend.

I feel restless and I think we need to take a little roadtrip tomorrow. Yes, I realize it's the playoffs and all but if I stay home one more weekend in front of the tv I will loose my mind. And I think it is time to go out to eat and see something like a band or show. I don't know if that will happen, but I feel like dressing up and getting out. I hope where ever you are today the sun is shining and you feel as great as I do today. Peace Out!

I don't know what my father is talking about, the other day he asked me if I was emo or indie. I don't really know where he got that from, and I don't really know the answer either, you'll have to direct any further questions toward timothy. hes so wierd.
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