Thursday, January 26, 2006

Aye Carrumba!

My life has more twists and turns in it this week than...what? I haven't even a comparison. I am almost speechless. Ok, since my earlier post today, I took a nice nap. Ate some Crunchy Cheetos, bought some dark chocolate. Shared frozen pizza with my son. Also shared cheetos with Mini. Took #3 Son to guitar lessons. Bought yarn, and a 'nice little' Cabernet Sauvignon to go with the steaks for dinner. Sounds like pretty standard fare - except for the Cheeto festival. In the middle of the Cheeto festival, our realtor from NY called and said we got an offer on our house. A decent one. OK, now what? If we accept, we go back to what? We have good reasons for wanting to sell it even though we are moving back to NY soon. I am getting sick of being blindsided lately. 2 months ago I woulda' jumped for joy, now I want to hide under the table and rock.

Wanna know what I bought yarn for? Another shrug. I decided I should have a nice brown one (with subtle flecks of green and other stuff) with the modifications I wanted on the white one. Longer sleeves and make the ribbing wider--for my pleasure--of course. That is getting to be a tired knitters joke, isn't it? And yet I couldn't resist.

Tomorrow is another day. I know we are capable of making these decisions and getting through the changes. I think we are afraid of making the wrong decision, it's not like you can undo selling your house. Like I said, tomorrow is another day. Pass the Cheetos, please.

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