Monday, January 02, 2006

All U Need is Wool

Ok, it's not always sunny in So. Cal. Today is gloomy, rainy and windy which reminds me of a typical day in Bingo-town, NY. So this is winter... hmm. Tolerable. Afterall, I have tolerated this type of weather most of my 41 years.

I am itching to buy yarn. I tore up my stash, which is really pathetic. I have alot of acrylic . Alot. From my early knitting days. These days I buy yarn and I knit it. I want to make a baby sweater as a gift for a friend. Then my sister told me she wanted me to make 2 baby sweaters for her new nieces. I need something new to do and a teeny tiny widdle sweater fits the bill for me. I love to make things for other people. Wool is Love.

I have been doing some thinking about the whole j o b thing, and have decided that maybe I should go to school as I have been threatening to do for a long time now. I just can't bear the thought of doing a job teenagers do at 41. And being paid as a teenager. Unless I was destitute, which I am not. So I can afford to be a little choosy. I need computer classes for one thing and thats a great place to start. So thats my new thought. Stay tuned...thoughts subject to change. After all, I am a woman.

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