Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Run for cover!

I was talking to my nephew this morning and he pointed out to me "it sounds like you are in the middle of a shit storm, Aunt Beth." That was an astute observation. I like that. Now if only they made an umbrella for that...

Ok, lots to process here... Since the last post we got another offer on the house, $cash$. So we accepted it. There was no big haggling thing going on or anything. Somebody from Jersey, which is the situation I thought would happen cause people are coming up from the city wanting some land. This guy wants to close in 2 weeks, and we already signed some papers faxed to us. Yikes! So I need an apartment and a car and I don't know what else. I am still on the stress diet. My sweatpants are getting too loose.

Sunday we went to the La Brea Tar pits with the boys, and that was cool. It is right in downtown LA. There is a museum there and you can see all the cool bones and assembled critters they have dug up there. There are these ponds of black goo that occasionally bubble. So you stand behind a fence and watch the goo bubble. Boys are imressed by these things ya know. Then we took a drive up to Beverly Hills and down Rodeo Drive, Sunset Strip, Mulholland Drive (Very Scenic!) I saw The Whiskey A Go Go, The Hollywood Bowl and like tons of other cool landmarks. Then Monday I went up to Hollywood to see Samuel L. Jackson do the handprint thing. I went to the original Fredricks of Hollywood store and gots me a little sumpin' sumpin' 'cause I just had to!

In spite of it all, life is good. Life is beautiful. Life is funny. Life is an adventure. Just make sure you carry a big umbrella at all times.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Fish, Politicians, and Me...

What are: things that "flip/flop" ? Correct! Honest to God, we are all over the map on this one. The pro/con list thing is not even helping. Damn those thought bubbles! I was knitting tonight on my shrug sleeve and I had to rip back 3 times due to not being mindful of my work. The good news is I have been loosing weight! Gee, this "stress diet" really works! It's easy, just add bombshells to your life every 2-3 days, a deadline for moving an entire family of 5, oh yeah and make sure you can't decide where you are going to live when you get there! Then, loose your appetite and make sure when you do eat you "get rid of it" (involuntarily) right away. I look great! I hope ya'll realize the sarcasm here, there is no eating disorder going on. It's the stress. I'm almost into my skinny jeans. It's better than blimping out, right?

I use my blog to think outloud, and so anyone who peeks in on this gets to ride my rollercoaster of indecision with me. I hope it is entertaining to someone. Or educational, Like "How Not to Run Your Life" by B. Youngs. Hmmm, sounds like I may be onto something here....

I promise soon to post those pictures of my newest creations. I keep forgetting to grab a photographer in the house. This is a knitting blog too, and I don't want to loose sight of that in the midst of my drama.

lucky little lady in the city of lights.....

Yep, that's me. A lucky lady in So. Cal. So we went out last night even though "The Man" didn't get our thingy in on time YET. The bills are just gonna wait 'cause time isn't and I need to have some fun here before I go. We went to this place with a view of the beach and watched the surfers and the sunset. The restaurant is called Sparks Woodfire Cooking. They evidently cook everything on woodfire. It was sooo good, I had Mahi Mahi with an apricot sauce (it was grilled). They have a huge firepit in the restaurant so you can sit outside and not freeze (hey, that ocean breeze is cold at night). So we ate and hashed out our life plans. I will be going back in mid Feb, proly the 20th to look for an apartment and get the kids into school. We have never lived in an apartment before. Understand this, my hubby is a country guy and we got a trailer when we got married and put it on a piece of land so we were never renters back in the day. Then we went from a trailer to our house we are selling. It is a wierd transitional thing going on here but hey, whatever. That's the point I'm at.
Today a friend called from "the bus garage" and is happy to hear I'm coming back. She says I have not lost my seniority or my bus run which is good news. She is on the commitee (like a union) and said it was discussed already. This is contrary to what my boss told me, she said I lost my seniority and run. But I have a contract so...
The thing is I am now not so sure I will be going back there. It is kinda surprising to hear from them they missed me and are "thrilled" I'm coming back, I figure I'm just a nobody there, doing my thing. Now I am feeling sooo conflicted. I felt at peace last night like ok, we are doing this thing and then Kimmi called and I feel really sad now. I do not like to disappoint people, and I didn't think I would. Oh hell, they'll get over it. Isn't that what I should tell myself? I am an unstable person. Really. Like I said before, get me the guys from Queer Eye and they could organize my life for me and tell me what to do and that'd be fine w/me at this point. Where is Carson when I need him? Oh yeah, they like guys, thats right. Damn.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Sleepless in the O.C.

Last night I could not sleep. All these random thought bubbles popping up, question marks, so I made lists. Then I knit 12 inches of a sleeve (size 15 needles, chunky yarn) once my eyeballs were burning sufficiently I toddled off to bed at 1am. Oy! The alarm went off at 6, and before I could finish saying "hit the snooze" DH had turned off the alarm. Time to make the Starbucks. Yesterdays' post was a prescription for PMS, totally. Cheetos, Chocolate, pizza, wine... But mentally I am better. We still don't know what to do, but at least I am not under the table rocking.

Monday I am going up to Hollywood w/a friend because we heard that Samuel L. Jackson is putting his handprints in cement in front of Manns' Theater (the old Graumanns' Chinese Theater). I am not a huge fan or anything, but you never know who else you might see while you are there. Plus probably my last chance to get up to Hollywood again before I have to leave for NY.

Later today I am going to the pier to the Farmers Market. I love going there because there are all kinds of cool artisans (not just cutesy crafts) and produce. There are these 2 women who knit lace shawls and they are beautiful. And handmade jewelry. I just like to look and soak up the creative vibes. I also have to go to Costa Mesa to pick up DH because its time for his bikes first oil change and service at the shop.

Later on, hopefully tonight I will post pics of my latest creations. I need help so I can model my sweater and little Noro hat. Peace Out Ev'rybody!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Aye Carrumba!

My life has more twists and turns in it this week than...what? I haven't even a comparison. I am almost speechless. Ok, since my earlier post today, I took a nice nap. Ate some Crunchy Cheetos, bought some dark chocolate. Shared frozen pizza with my son. Also shared cheetos with Mini. Took #3 Son to guitar lessons. Bought yarn, and a 'nice little' Cabernet Sauvignon to go with the steaks for dinner. Sounds like pretty standard fare - except for the Cheeto festival. In the middle of the Cheeto festival, our realtor from NY called and said we got an offer on our house. A decent one. OK, now what? If we accept, we go back to what? We have good reasons for wanting to sell it even though we are moving back to NY soon. I am getting sick of being blindsided lately. 2 months ago I woulda' jumped for joy, now I want to hide under the table and rock.

Wanna know what I bought yarn for? Another shrug. I decided I should have a nice brown one (with subtle flecks of green and other stuff) with the modifications I wanted on the white one. Longer sleeves and make the ribbing wider--for my pleasure--of course. That is getting to be a tired knitters joke, isn't it? And yet I couldn't resist.

Tomorrow is another day. I know we are capable of making these decisions and getting through the changes. I think we are afraid of making the wrong decision, it's not like you can undo selling your house. Like I said, tomorrow is another day. Pass the Cheetos, please.

I cannot believe I have to start packing to leave paradise. Actually, the movers will pack. I will stress, 'cause I am sooo good at it. In fact, my teeth hurt today and I keep catching myself clenching my them. I know I will get through this move somehow but right now I feel overwhelmed. I look around the house and can't believe we are moving again...only 6 months here.

It is a beautiful day, as always in paradise. I need to get to the beach, and I think since nothing vital is going on later we will take a walk at the pier. I just really feel numb today. I can't focus and I just want to go to sleep. I feel like depression is trying to get a grip on me again. I want to just give in to the sleep. I may as well since I am being unproductive anyway. I bargain with myself and figure if I take a half hour nap, then I must work at my desk. If I am a good girl and get something done then I deserve to go to the pier tonight. Right?

I know this is a real bummer post today, but it's my blog and this is me. No use faking it.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


By the way...my neice, my only neice (we make lots of boys in my family) has a blog now...Littlemisslindseed.blogspot.com. I love her, she is cool, she knits too. Check it out.

It is Wednesday already, I can't believe it. One of my resolutions this year is to read old books, classics that I should have read years ago. So the other day I was at B&N and they have a rack of classics for $5.95. I purchased Lady Chatterleys' Lover--gasp! It is set in England post WW 1. This book has a racy reputation and it is, but it is really not about that, it is more about human nature and motive behind actions and thoughts. One of my other resolutions is to learn new stitches this year. First one being the cable stitch. I don't see myself ever getting into lace knitting because it involves keeping track of too much and that is not my forte. Challenge is good, but if I need a stiff drink to plunge into a project, forget it. (Not that wine and knitting don't go well together..) This year is more about enriching my life and knowledge of -- whatever-- and less about beating myself up over habits and vices. Health is a priority for me and should be not just in January.

And in other news: I guess it is final. We are going back to NY by the end of February. Well happy freakin' b-day to ME ! There is a family issue I need to take care of at the end of Feb. anyway. Good thing I didn't buy the Aerosmith tickets like I wanted to. (At the Pond in Anaheim--Steven Tyler...oh well.)

I am back at my striped sock. Weaving the ends in as I go along on the second sock very good idea. Soon to come... pictures of my shrug, the striped sox and the Noro hat. I might even wear it. If I dare show my" not a hat face".

Monday, January 23, 2006

Weekend update, whooohooo!

The weekend didn't go as I quite planned. I got through the grocery shopping just barely because half way through I started getting a migrane. That pretty much shot the rest of my day. Sunday was great and I watched the games and knit up that shrug. I love the shrug, the only thing I would change is I want the sleeves longer. So I think I will pick up stitches and make them longer. They are 3/4 length sleeves that are supposed to roll up but when I do that it looks too bulky. As for the games yesterday I called them both. My pick for the Superbowl is Seattle. I love the Steelers, but I think they will have too many penalties and just break my heart. The Seahawks don't get sloppy like that. There is a thing at work in Seattle I like to call the" Holmgren affect." He brought Seattle out of many years of being in a slump. Notice who is in a slump now (Greenbay). And it is a big mistake to blame it all on an "ageing" Brett Favre. Sure Brett has been around a while but he still has a lot of fire left in him. This is one chicks opinion. Just sayin'. So who will I pull for? Probably the Steelers, even though I think they will just break my little ole' heart.

One football season I decided I was gonna make my picks a different way. I went by the team logo or mascot to determine the winner. Example: The Jets vs. the Eagles. With my logic ( I use that term loosely) the Jets win because a jet is a very powerful engine that frequently sucks up birds and chews them into bits and spews them out. Hey, its not a surefire way to pick, but it was fun. Especially when I won. And I did. It drove my brother-in-law, Dave nuts. We used to watch together alot and he would just shake his head at me. He would say things like "what about point spread." Point spread, schmoint spread. Or the fact that a team was undefeated? Nope, it all had to do with the mascot. You wanna drive a man crazy? Try it sometime and then sit back and watch the fun begin.

It is freakin' windy today. The nice part about the wind is it blows the smog away and you can see the mountains. It's really a beautiful day. The bad part is the wild fires. Hopefully this will be over by tomorrow night as the weather geeks predict. Well, peace out ya'll.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Wish I could stick it to "The Man"

Once again, my plans for fun have been foiled by "The Man". The Man in this instance is a boss of hubby dearests' who doesn't sign expense reports in a timely fashion. There are many things I could express on this subject but are not a good idea to put in print. This is our ongoing frustration with living out here. See, The Man pays many of our living expenses out here but we also maintain a house in NY. After a while everything comes to a grinding halt when The Man is @%#$&** slow with his signature. Thats all it takes. His freakin' name. How long does it take to write "The Man" ? Seriously. The good news is that the games are all Sunday and I can knit and watch guiltfree all day. So I will have to figure out an alternative to what I wanted to do today. A walk at the beach is cheap (gotta pay parking). Housework is also an activity for the day. Grocery shopping, whoooohooo! And of course I have a few WIPS going. A crazy cool sock, and ipod cozy (everyone should keep their ipod cozy) and the shrug. I got the size 15 Addi turbos so I am good to go to do the shrug. You know I will work on the shrug to the point of obsession and ignore the other WIPS, Knitting with the turbos is almost as good as sex. You just don't want to stop until you are completely spent. Well I guess its time to do a little of the howssweerrrk so I can get on with my day. Peace Out!

Friday, January 20, 2006

Friday, Glorious Friday

The sun is just glorious this morning! It is a cool 41 degrees but the sky is clear. I have been out saluting the sun and checking the garden. We planted lettuces, beets, herbs (the legal variety) and some pansies and violas. We have tomatoes also. I want to put in some onion sets too. I hope we stay long enough to eat our produce. Still no news on a February move. It's getting a little late for them to pull that off, unless they take him home and leave us here to move alone. Whatever.

I started my shrug last night and is it ever easy. I have the back and front completed already and I would have started a sleeve but I need 15 circs. in a length longer than they sold at my lys here. So I will have to go to Longbeach to get that. I should be wearing this by the end of the weekend.

I feel restless and I think we need to take a little roadtrip tomorrow. Yes, I realize it's the playoffs and all but if I stay home one more weekend in front of the tv I will loose my mind. And I think it is time to go out to eat and see something like a band or show. I don't know if that will happen, but I feel like dressing up and getting out. I hope where ever you are today the sun is shining and you feel as great as I do today. Peace Out!

Thursday, January 19, 2006


I felt like it was time for a change. Lastnight I all of a sudden noticed " Holy crap is this thing ever pink!" Time for a facelift, a little nip/tuck if you will. I'm over my pink phase.

Today I cast on a shrug for myself. It is a pattern from Knit It! magazine and is called the Fisherman Shrug. This one is more than a shoulder warmer, it goes down the back a little and has some bulk to it. And it looks very easy. I just want to knock out something new to wear that won't take long or stress me out. I want to be able to knit and wine at the same time. Better make it Chardonnay because this sweater is off white. Of course then I need to get a new cami to wear with it. Better make that 2.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Honor roll good/Truancy bad

This is my life. The events are real. Names are withheld to protect the guilty and the innocent. In one day I had one child make honor roll, and I get a notice of truancy on another child. Now out here in CA, they take truancy very seriously. (Good thing they didn't in NY...) (talkin' about myself). OK, they have actual sections of the law with numbers and .'s so you can go look it up for yourself if you don't believe them. It seems my little angel got annoyed with a teacher so he left. Decided his day of instruction was over. Wonder where he got that behavior from. So back to the law, if he is truant again, I could be arrested and fined $500, and he could get a fine and community service and many other bad things. So I read him the letter and my own personal riot act, which gets weaker as time goes by because they are really beginning to wear me down.

I have just been informed its time for bed. I must go, for another day is coming and who knows what will arrive in the mail addressed to the Parent/Guardian of_______.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

It's a Whale of a tail and muffins too...

I had a good laugh today watching the news. On CNN it was reported there are some new phrases to add to our vocabularies. Whaletail: when the little triangle top of some chicks thong is showing over her pants. (Because her pants are barely covering her ass.) Hey, I wear lowriders too, but for crying out loud it was bad enough seeing guys boxers-sometimes layers of them or plumbers crack but now the girls are getting in on the act. It is not sexy, girls. It is tres' tacky. One time I was having a few drinks with my hubby before dinner at Red Lobster. So we're at the bar and this chicky is on what looks like a first date and there is her ass crack, about 2 inches of it. So I "crack up" 'cause I had a couple Cosmos in me and start saying things not so quietly like "Can't she feel the airconditioning going down her pants?" And "for godsakes would she just pull up her pants!?" My husband is now laughing and shusshing me. Well, she either felt the breeze or I shamed her into adjusting her pants. She shot me a little look and I smiled. I don't care. I don't need to see asscrack or whaletail while I am having a cosmo and hot artichoke dip. Ok, next phrase is Muffintop: when you are wearing a shirt that is short and lowriders (maybe you even have a little whaletail going on, but I digress) and you got the tummy/lovehandle thing happening and its bulging out over your pants like the top of a muffin. That's a good one. Good visual. I have been guilty of the Muffintop, I admit. Actually, mine is more of a biscuit than a full blown muffin top. I try not to but they make shirts so freakin' short anymore. Or you get the right size and it shrinks even in cold water wash. I swear. I want to know, have fashion designers left their studios lately and walked down Main St. USA and seen the fashion atrocities being committed daily??? And here is one I will never get, being a New Yorker, I know boots are made for walkin' and fleece boots are made for SNOW. What is with the mini skirts together with UGGS in Southern California? It's 70 freakin degrees here and you see it everywhere. At the boardwalk, in the mall, schools. All I can think of is the collective stink that arises as boots are kicked off in the evening all over So. Cal. I say, set the little pigs free. I used to have fleece slippers and even in winter in NYS my little pigs were sweaty.

I realize that was all a little wierd, but its been brewing for a long time and I feel better for getting it off my chest.

Now in Knitting News: I made a hat for me out of the Noro. I know, but it begged me to do it. I am sooo in love with Noro. I want to make many many things with Noro. And not give them away. I don't care if I have a hat face or not. I love my little Noro hat.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Hey, Hat Face!

I did a little retail therapy at the lys the other day and got some new stuff. I've been feeling up the Noro for weeks now and I finally bought some thinking I will make a hat for myself. But ya know what? I look really stupid in hats. I love to make them, I just don't have a hat face. I made Justin a new hat yesterday while watching gross amounts of the football. Its a ribbed hat, no fancies, earflaps or anything. I am itching to do an earflap hat with the braids and snowflakes and pom-poms. And then I would give it away because once I finish I would put it on in excitement and see once again that I do not have a hat face. Why is that? How do you not have a hat face? It doesn't make any sense to me but when confronted in the mirror with my image it is true. Why do some people look great in a hat, any hat? Maybe I just haven't found the right one for me...maybe the earflap job with the snowflakes will be just the ticket. I think what I will really do is get more Noro and make me a sweater. Yep. My face looks good in sweaters.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

I am the "Dancing Queen" !!!!!

I recently got an ipod, and I think I am in love. My music taste is very eclectic. I have songs I love because they made me smile when I was 15. I used to sing into a hairbrush and dance in my mirror listening to Abba. I also like the Blackeyed Peas. And everything in between. I still dance around the house. I have missed my music since my cd player died on the stereo. The boys have cd players but they are bulky for housework etc. when I usually dance around. It never quite worked out. Well I got Matt (my 12 yr old) and ipod for Christmas and I was hooked. I like to knit to the Grateful Dead. Or Sheryl Crow, or Rod Stewart. I walk to Aerosmith and U2. I have missed my music for a long time now and am so glad I got my grooves back. I have to have a soundtrack for my life. Thats just the way I roll. Music defines periods of my life. I love Sinatra, Big Band, B.B. King, Patsy Cline, Eric Clapton, A/C D/C. I am all over the place. Oh, and if you live in Cali, how do you not listen to the Beach Boys and the Doors? (If you are 40 ish) (My boys do, but they have very good taste musically) There is nothing (to me anyways) like driving up the PCH listening to the Doors.

About my mood yesterday, I had another rough one today. I hate living in limbo. I soothed myself tonight by watching "That '70's Show" and sippin' some wine. ipod during commercials and a knitting mag. Plus I am stressing about Mikes' college stuff. I don't know if it's gonna work this semester. Thank God for good friends and good wine. I lean heavily upon both lately. I expect to live in limbo for a while. I love a good adventure, but when you have kids its nice to have a plan, a heads up. Corporate America does not get that. They just drop their little bomb. Hey, but I luv that paycheck that Dan gets from corporate America. Don't get me wrong. It is way better than the broke and uninsured days or olde. I did say I like a good adventure and if it is only for these few short months I will treasure my time in Cali forever. It will be my "happy place" I go to when winter is too long and cold in NY.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Gone to Hell in a Knitting Basket

Today I am Charlie Brown, and Lucy just yanked the football away. And to further accentuate my mood, you will notice I am typing in a bilous green today. I feel SHITTAY! Ya wanna know why? I was sat down last night and told that we are probably moving back to Hell, AKA Binghamton, NY by mid February. Ok, I knew we were going back, but that wasn't supposed to be until like August. I have barely recovered from our move out here. I love every morning. When I wake up I salute the sun with a coffee in my jammies. I take walks with Mini the wonderdog, I see the ocean, smell the salt in the air. When I get back to Hell, I will be smelling raw crap from the antiquated sewage treatment plant...oh joy.

Color change, I almost gagged a moment ago. So in order to get my brain wrapped around that news last night, I got my hiney down to Ralphs', got me some wine, (Pinot Grigio), strapped on my ipod and went into a knitting trance. My sock is posolutely good enough to eat. I knitted and sipped myself into a striped sock coma. I think I shall take more of that cure this evening. Striped sock- The Sequel.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Middle age Ninja

Yep, he got his bike. It's so cool, it almost-almost makes me want to learn to ride too. Dan had a bike, and back in 1991 when he graduated from college, we were broke and the electric co. was gonna shut us off. So we cleaned out our shed and had a huge yard sale. It was good stuff too, like a claw foot bathtub I got at an auction to put in my dream bathroom, my compound bow (yes, I like to shoot a bow) some of Dans' guns, tools. And his motorcycle. I sold it cheap to this toothless scarry guy who intimidated me. Actually, he frightened me. So he never thought he would have another bike because after all we are responsible parents with a mortgage and all. So I'm happy because he's happy.

And in knitting news: My progress on the sock is great. I love that sock and I may have a hard time parting with it. I gotta stop making things that I want to wear for other people! Peace Out, ya'll!

Friday, January 06, 2006

My little rant, and sox too....

I realize that the State of New York and the DMV in particular does its best to thwart the efforts of the citizens to make transactions in a timely manner. This time however, I won. Yes I did. I was able to sell my van yesterday and I feel fabulous. I think mostly because I conquered the DMV. And they aren't gonna get that extra $20 out of me for a cleared title. It's just the principal of the thing, all the retaxing of used vehicles, fees for every scrap of paper they say is necessary... echhh. OK, done with that rant.

I am also thrilled to report I have got my knit together again. I started a new pair of sox last night, striped pink, green and white. Think very bright, almost edible, and I keep stopping to admire the striping and forget to knit.

Well, the sun is sunny, its warm-like gonna be 80. Yesterday was downright hot...over 80 I'm sure. And it's January. I love it. Wherever you are today, I hope you are having a great day, get some tea, or wine, needles and yarn and knit yourself something bright and happy. Peace Out!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

On Hold With the DMV

I am in "Hold Hell" this morning trying to get through to the NYS DMV. See, I'm selling my shaggin'wagon and because nothing is simple I could not find my original title. In my nice, neat file I have the titles to 2 vehicles I do not own anymore and a letter from Chrysler stating that I paid off the van. So, I started calling DMV to request a new title. I thought for some odd reason that the title I would receive would not show a lien. Oh, foolish woman that I am! I had them Fed/Ex me the title and now I have been on hold w/DMV to find out what in the hell I have to do...more freakin' phone calls I'm sure...to get a clear title so I can sell the van and so Dan can pick up his NINJA. I would like to go bang my head on a wall for a while.

OK, I just got done talking with a live person, who was surprisingly pleasant. Now I have to call Daimler Chrysler and request a letter from them. I still want to bang my head on a wall. But I won't because my hair looks like Meg Ryans' today (when she was in short hair mode). And I like it.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

What is wrong with me????

I just want to say I think I sounded a little crazy in my last post. When I go back and read what I've written the next day usually I don't feel that way. Maybe it's my lack of sleep. 3 nights with about 3 hours of interrupted sleep. I think I will go to the doctor if this continues. I am a worthless zombie this morning. I can't even type in color. I don't feel like shopping today. No little trip to the mall in Newport. Thats ok. Ryan wants me to go to the park today and I think I will ride my bike with him.

Dan is getting his motorcycle soon. He put money down on a Kawasaki Ninja, just like the one my oldest son Michael has. Now I can worry about the both of them... I reminded Dan that I am a cool wife to "let" him get the motorcycle, and he said "let me?" "You were the one who told me to do it" Yeah, but I know quite a few women who would have a fit about the motorcycle thing. I actually wondered if something is wrong with me because it doesn't bother me like it does other women. Maybe I am just a cool wife. It's a nicer way to think of myself.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

It's VEEEEERy Laaaaate

It's no secret I enjoy alcohol. I won't even lie about the moderation thing, after all I have a bunch of kids... so any how the last few nights I cannot sleep. I mean its getting to be 3:00 and I get up from the tossing and turning and watch the QVC and stuff. So tonight I have a significant buzz on. Not drunk mind you. Just the sweet spot. Some kids are asleep and some are playing video games with the neighbor kid who sleeps over because he likes our food. I don't think he eats except for at my house. Breakfast on school days, and on not school days he raids my pantry. I can't figure out why I can't sleep lately. I am wide awake thinking about all these random things. (QVC in the backround...genuine blue topaz...blah blah blah) Even worse, sometimes I call friends when I feel this way. I did tonight. I am glad he tolerated me.

Here is a funny thing only to me I'm sure, my PARENTS like "Dog the Bounty Hunter. " OMG! I watch that and the family gets mad at me. But the 'rents watching that... a mind bender. Next thing ya know they'll be watchin' Queer Eye...

So tomorrow I feel like I need some retail therapy. I took Jessica to Newport to Fashion Island Mall and I reallllly waannnt to go baaaack. REEEEallly. I have no money. I just want to feel up some nice stuff. You know. Then I want to go get some yarn which I do have the money for. That mall has designer stores, like the kind you read about in Glamour, and Lucky etc. Betsy Johnson for instance. Being from Binghamton, this is a big deal to me. I am such a redneck in the BIG CITY.

I have a knitting confession to make. I have one more pair of socks to make for Christmas- yes it way past but thats besides the point-and I can't stand the thought of it. I want to send 2 pairs to my bus driving buddies in NY and one pair is done and now I need to do the other pair. I fear I have burned myself out. I've been working on socks since October. Frightening, isn't it? Well, my friends in NY need them because driving a bus in NY in the winter really sucks. So I better get my attitude right. Maybe by the weekend I will feel more like it. After all, winter lasts till May in NY....LOL. No, it really does. 3 years ago I had ice on my patio in May. No freakin' joke.

A door opens. I hear a tv. Now feet. It is the sound of boys forageing for food after being in a Playstation trance. They have already eaten all the food. They will inform me in the morning that we need food. "MOOOOM there's no FOOD in the HOUSE!!!!" No S@#t Sherlock. Ya' ate it all!

Well, I guess it's time to put on my jammies, brush my teethies, and try to sleep. Yeah right. I'll be back. Except this time I will be reading blogs instead of writing....Peace, Love and Knitting...

Monday, January 02, 2006

All U Need is Wool

Ok, it's not always sunny in So. Cal. Today is gloomy, rainy and windy which reminds me of a typical day in Bingo-town, NY. So this is winter... hmm. Tolerable. Afterall, I have tolerated this type of weather most of my 41 years.

I am itching to buy yarn. I tore up my stash, which is really pathetic. I have alot of acrylic . Alot. From my early knitting days. These days I buy yarn and I knit it. I want to make a baby sweater as a gift for a friend. Then my sister told me she wanted me to make 2 baby sweaters for her new nieces. I need something new to do and a teeny tiny widdle sweater fits the bill for me. I love to make things for other people. Wool is Love.

I have been doing some thinking about the whole j o b thing, and have decided that maybe I should go to school as I have been threatening to do for a long time now. I just can't bear the thought of doing a job teenagers do at 41. And being paid as a teenager. Unless I was destitute, which I am not. So I can afford to be a little choosy. I need computer classes for one thing and thats a great place to start. So thats my new thought. Stay tuned...thoughts subject to change. After all, I am a woman.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!

May 2006 be filled with Peace, Love and an overflowing Yarn Stash!

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