Tuesday, December 06, 2005

road blocks on the pathway to procrastination

OK, so I've been trying to really get on top of things I hate doing. Like paperwork. I start in with good intentions and then I can't bring up the pin # from the web site that I need to get started. UGGGH. So now I have to call some number for assistance. Blah, blah blah... It doesn't take much to trip me up. And now I have to figure out the new printer because my hubby has declared me a tech geek. So I read the directions....big deal...and I like to figure stuff out. Thats the rest of my job today. And if I don't do that, I can't finish some of my other paperwork which needs to be copied. Oh crap! I just don't feeeeel liiiike it. (note the whine in my typing) My inclination is to just do something different like...KNIT. At the beach. Yeah. But that would not be the responsible thing to do. My tan is suffering for all this responsibility crap.

Here is something new. I have quit smoking as of Saturday. I was so irritable over the weekend I didn't feel like posting. I wanted to rip peoples heads off. It was bad. And the anxiety was overwhelming at times. I think that was the reason I started smoking to begin with was the anxiety thing. So I knit and cleaned furiously over the weekend. In fact everything I did was furious. Also on Saturday I went to the Market Place at the OC fairgrounds. What fun! I got me a bag lady cart so I can haul my goodies everytime I go. And they have all kinds of food, produce and even beer and margaritas. Now thats the way to shop. I was thinking about decorating my cart with some knitted bling. Maybe weave some novelty yarn through the wiring. I will post that picture. Yeah, so I will be going back there. Good times.

Wow! That's great that you quit smoking! More money for yarn! ;)

Seriously, I've heard that it can be tough road...good luck, and stick with it.
Procrastination is contagious; in your case you get it from your husband. In your husband’s case it’s hereditary –some kind of genetic (cough-jerry) disorder.

no smoke = good! it'll get easier, hang in there sis!
Thanks for the support. I need it! More yarn $$$$, it's a good thing. Dan has a perfection/procrastination thing. If he doesn't think he can do it perfect (his perception) it don't happen. Me, I think it's an ADD thing. Just like in school, ants in my pants, wanna go play.
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