Friday, December 02, 2005


Oprah has her list, so here's mine...
1. Starbucks coffee, in any form. Consume daily as needed. Found on almost every streetcorner in California. I love this country!
2. Philosophy products. All of them. Look good, smell good, feel good.
3. Lantern Moon knitting needles. Made by women in a village in Vietnam. Proceeds benefit the village. They knit like buttah.
4. Del Taco Crispy Fish Tacos. Muy Bueno!
5. Hawaiian Sweet Onion Kettle Chips. Addictive!
6. In n Out Burgers and Fries. Fresh and Simple.
7. The movie March of the Penguins. I love penguins, and its fascinating if you watch shows like Natl. Geo. or Wild Kingdom, or Animal Planet. Only better because of Morgan Freeman's narration.
8. Birkenstocks. Especially when I only pay $39.95 a pair.
9. Maxx NY handbags. Quality without the exhorbitant pricetag of other designer brands.
10. Blogging.
11. Above all else KNITTING. In fact, every single thing on this list I can say I was either wearing, using, eating or watching while knitting at one point or another.


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