Wednesday, December 28, 2005

More guilty pleasure

Wow, I watched the whole marathon yesterday. I did do other things, I'm not a total couch potato. But the best was saved for the last 2 episodes last night. They got a guy ready to propose to his girlfriend of 10 years. Then they did the wedding. The guy wasn't the usual ones that need a head to toe makeover, and they were an adorable couple and the wedding was beautiful....Sometimes I think I need a team of gay guys to makeover my life. Just come in and ransack the place and buy me designer clothes, new furniture. Thats a fantasy.

On the knitting front and in the real world.... I am still making socks. I have a number of special requests from family so I need a little side project to cleanse my knitters palette. Maybe I will pull out my "Mud Flap Girl" tank now. Prolly a good idea before I go off my nut. I hope to get into a local snb soon. I found out about a few so now I just need to escape.

And in the real world... I have decided I need a job. With Mike going to college I must work. My hubby prefers to have me home, but the finances do not allow. I have also decided to sell the shaggin' wagon and Dan will get a used motorcycle. I am also considering going to school myself because I loathe being a 41yr. old minimum wage earner. And I have alot of working years left. Yep. I've been making decisions left and right here. Soon enough another year will pass and I don't want to spend another one scratching my head and not having done anything different. So Peace Out my knitting and otherwise friends...and an early Happy New Year to ya'll!

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