Thursday, December 01, 2005

I feel orange

Each day I post I ask myself, "What color are you today?" I'm not sure what orange says. Ususally pink, blue or purple mean "I feel pretty." I feel warm now and I do believe it is the inexpensive French wine (chardonnay) in the very pretty bottle. Orange is a warm color. Here is another cool thing about Cali: wine and other booze in the grocery stores, drug stores and even the Dollar store! There is never a reason to be without an affordable alcoholic beverage in this state. In 5 minutes I was at Ralphs' gettn my pretty French wine. For $7.99. With my Ralphs' card.

Extreem disappointment to report. I was at my favorite LYS (local yarn store) this afternoon to price out making a very awesome sweater. Two hundred and fifty dollars American. Yes, you read that right. It's Merino. It's gorgeous. I would look fabulous in it. It will not happen. Walk away from the yarn.

My van is off the road. The engine light is on. Its been on for 4 months. I believe that is a bad sign. Right now, we have decided to take it off the road, go to one vehicle and let our son use the car in NY for college. So my dh (dear husband) is thinking about selling the van and getting a moped. 138 mpg. DH will drive the moped more than I. Our vehicle out here is a Hyundai Tuscon, little truck suv thing. I really like it. It's tight, feels good. Lotsa' giddyup. Drawback. It's that silver that every other thing on the road is except for the ones that are that champaign gold (like my van). Silver is worse though. I want my next car to be lime green or something. I need the help in the parking lot. Plus, did you ever notice that silver is almost invisible in the fog? It blends in with the road too. So he can drive the moped in the bike lane up to Long Beach on the PCH. I think he should borrow one first to see if it is a viable solution. Of course I am concerned he will get flattened on this thing. The older I get, the more I worry about these things. Actually, I feel like a motorcycle would be safer because I see people do stupid things in the bike lane.

I must go clean up my kitchen, so I can put on my jammies and knit for a little bit. Peace, Love, and Knitting ya'll.

Too weird...I have a silver Hyundai Santa Fe. TMO and I play 'Marco Polo' with it in parking lots by setting off the alarm.
Yes, thats a great game in the parking lot. When I am alone, I look like the lost lady, wandering around. "Now what did I drive today? Gold Dodge Caravan, or Silver SUV...AND WHERE THE HELL IS IT!!!!!?"
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