Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I am too an adult!!! or " I did it my way"

As I was sitting in my favorite knitting spot, finishing up the "manly scarf", I was pondering my many blessings in life. The main ones being my children. My boys aren't perfect. They are not all straight A students, they enjoy crude humor (partially my fault), are sloppy, and other things for which I have had my parenting abilities scrutinized. But one thing that I have always wanted, prayed for with my children is that they would love eachother. I have seen this more and more since we have moved to Cali. from NY and family and friends. This move has brought our little nuclear family closer together and made us appreciate eachother more. This has been a very good thing. My husband and I made a difficult decision to make a temporary move and leave our comfort zone. It is the adventure of a lifetime for me. And my boys, although they miss NY, do enjoy it here. They are having fun, learning about a different part of the US and learning to appreciate eachother. Sometimes people don't understand why you do things, and so they criticize what they don't get. It makes me sad when I hear through the grapevine these narrowminded criticisms. I know some of these people miss us. And we miss them too. Its as if people think we did a bad thing. I am weary of always feeling like I have to remind people, "we are 41 years old. We are adults and can make our own decisions. We do not appreciate the negative vibes, thank-you-very-much!" It is actually a relief to me to be away from these negative nellies. I am so very much enjoying my first truly independant Christmas/Holiday season . We are surrounded by our sons, and doing it our way.

Oh...you hear the criticisms down the line? We're in a similar situation...all of our family live one to two time zones away. I get the criticism straight-up from my Mom...as in "Why did you have to move so far away...don't you consider anyone but yourselves?" Um...well, yes, but we had an opportunity of a lifetime, and couldn't pass it up... (plus we're adults....remember?)

AARRRGGGHHHH...I totally sympathize. Totally. No wonder I buy yarn and wine...MUCH cheaper than therapy...
Yes,yes,yes, I hear ya! Wine and yarn and blogging are my therapy. Thanks for your post, its nice to know I'm not alone.
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