Saturday, December 24, 2005

Festivus and Hollywood

Remember how I was talking about celebrating Festivus? I even have a pole in the back yard (broken skateboard rail). Well, we went to Hollywood yesterday with the boys and Mike and Jess instead. I took pictures of my favorite stars on the walk of fame. I took a picture in the distance of the HOLLYWOOD sign. So we walked up and down Hollywood Blvd. and nobody was impressed. I think we need to go to Rodeo Dr. next time, or take one of those bus tours. The boys said "Manhattan is better, and cleaner." As I travel, I appreciate all the new, different sights. But, I do heart NY. Oh, yeah, back to Festivus. We didn't do it. We have had a great holiday season so far and there just was no need to blow off steam. I think this is the best Christmas I have ever had. Seriously. No running around doing what other people want you to, just doing what we want. The last year was an incredibly stressful Christmas for me, due largely to a family situation that has never been easy and has only been getting worse. This year there are no expectations to go down the toilet, no rejections, no hurt feelings and having to explain to my boys why mom is crying. Last year was so bad, that I said to Dan that I did not want to be home for Christmas anymore. From now on I wanted to leave town for it. Not knowing that this opportunity to move to the OC was coming. Well from my lips to Gods' ears. Do I miss my loved ones in NY? Of course. But the mental and emotional break for me is well wort

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