Friday, December 09, 2005


So today I continued to forge ahead in my paperwork. I'm doing my sons' financial aide forms on the computer and I keep running into little problems. Like it wouldn't give me my pin #, then it kept telling me I put the wrong info in when I KNEW it was right. So I tried the live on line help thing which after an hour waiting (don't worry, I worked on a sock) it miraculously started working without ever getting the help. Go figure. Now I need to get ahold of my son for some vital info. Nothing is ever simple. Whatever. I thought doing this online would save time, but sometimes I wonder if old fashioned paper would have been faster.

Working on another sock. This one is sherbet colors. I think I will keep a pair of this color for moi. This weekend will not have alot of knitting time, as I am going to bake Christmas cookies. I am exchanging with another chick so we can mix it up a little bit. I think I'm making spritz cookies and rum balls. My friends mother always made rum balls and I havent had them in years. Sound good? Then ya gotta have frosted sugar cookies. I mean, ya gotta. So tomorrow is getting the tree and decorating, and then baking. FAFSA forms while they bake and cool maybe, or a round or 3 on a sock. Have a great weekend, peace, love, and knitting!

I wish I could knit socks that fast. It takes me about six months to do one.... :(
Believe me, these are basic socks. No fancy lace pattern or intarsia. This pattern I found in Knit Socks! 15 cool patterns for Toasty Feet by Betsy Lee McCarthy. The book is shaped like a sock and I like how the patterns are written. Check it out Kim, you'll love it.
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