Wednesday, December 28, 2005

More guilty pleasure

Wow, I watched the whole marathon yesterday. I did do other things, I'm not a total couch potato. But the best was saved for the last 2 episodes last night. They got a guy ready to propose to his girlfriend of 10 years. Then they did the wedding. The guy wasn't the usual ones that need a head to toe makeover, and they were an adorable couple and the wedding was beautiful....Sometimes I think I need a team of gay guys to makeover my life. Just come in and ransack the place and buy me designer clothes, new furniture. Thats a fantasy.

On the knitting front and in the real world.... I am still making socks. I have a number of special requests from family so I need a little side project to cleanse my knitters palette. Maybe I will pull out my "Mud Flap Girl" tank now. Prolly a good idea before I go off my nut. I hope to get into a local snb soon. I found out about a few so now I just need to escape.

And in the real world... I have decided I need a job. With Mike going to college I must work. My hubby prefers to have me home, but the finances do not allow. I have also decided to sell the shaggin' wagon and Dan will get a used motorcycle. I am also considering going to school myself because I loathe being a 41yr. old minimum wage earner. And I have alot of working years left. Yep. I've been making decisions left and right here. Soon enough another year will pass and I don't want to spend another one scratching my head and not having done anything different. So Peace Out my knitting and otherwise friends...and an early Happy New Year to ya'll!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

My guilty pleasure afternoon

He looo, it's a Queer Eye Marathon this afternoon! All things do keep getting better. I love those guys, they are t h e best. Just sayin, go watch Bravo today.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Festivus and Hollywood

Remember how I was talking about celebrating Festivus? I even have a pole in the back yard (broken skateboard rail). Well, we went to Hollywood yesterday with the boys and Mike and Jess instead. I took pictures of my favorite stars on the walk of fame. I took a picture in the distance of the HOLLYWOOD sign. So we walked up and down Hollywood Blvd. and nobody was impressed. I think we need to go to Rodeo Dr. next time, or take one of those bus tours. The boys said "Manhattan is better, and cleaner." As I travel, I appreciate all the new, different sights. But, I do heart NY. Oh, yeah, back to Festivus. We didn't do it. We have had a great holiday season so far and there just was no need to blow off steam. I think this is the best Christmas I have ever had. Seriously. No running around doing what other people want you to, just doing what we want. The last year was an incredibly stressful Christmas for me, due largely to a family situation that has never been easy and has only been getting worse. This year there are no expectations to go down the toilet, no rejections, no hurt feelings and having to explain to my boys why mom is crying. Last year was so bad, that I said to Dan that I did not want to be home for Christmas anymore. From now on I wanted to leave town for it. Not knowing that this opportunity to move to the OC was coming. Well from my lips to Gods' ears. Do I miss my loved ones in NY? Of course. But the mental and emotional break for me is well wort

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I am too an adult!!! or " I did it my way"

As I was sitting in my favorite knitting spot, finishing up the "manly scarf", I was pondering my many blessings in life. The main ones being my children. My boys aren't perfect. They are not all straight A students, they enjoy crude humor (partially my fault), are sloppy, and other things for which I have had my parenting abilities scrutinized. But one thing that I have always wanted, prayed for with my children is that they would love eachother. I have seen this more and more since we have moved to Cali. from NY and family and friends. This move has brought our little nuclear family closer together and made us appreciate eachother more. This has been a very good thing. My husband and I made a difficult decision to make a temporary move and leave our comfort zone. It is the adventure of a lifetime for me. And my boys, although they miss NY, do enjoy it here. They are having fun, learning about a different part of the US and learning to appreciate eachother. Sometimes people don't understand why you do things, and so they criticize what they don't get. It makes me sad when I hear through the grapevine these narrowminded criticisms. I know some of these people miss us. And we miss them too. Its as if people think we did a bad thing. I am weary of always feeling like I have to remind people, "we are 41 years old. We are adults and can make our own decisions. We do not appreciate the negative vibes, thank-you-very-much!" It is actually a relief to me to be away from these negative nellies. I am so very much enjoying my first truly independant Christmas/Holiday season . We are surrounded by our sons, and doing it our way.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Yeah, Yeah, its MIKEY DAY!!!!

My oldest son is on his way with his girlfriend, Jessica! In 2 hours they will be here!!! He is gonna love California. I'm cooking a roast for dinner and the tree is up and lit, and I'm just sooo excited.

I worked on the Adam Camo sweater yesterday. It was a day of swatching, trying a different needle, starting and then ripping back 3 times. Its the yarn. It sucks. It has no bulk, and its, well, its acrylic. It feels like dragging my nails on a chalkboard. Or eating icecream off one of those wooden spoons. Ghhuhhhuuck! Shiver! Bluck! Yecchy! More shivering. Even on Addi turbos, it gives me the shivers. I don't think I can do it. It is gunna be too fugly. Thats right, I said FUGLY. I reserve that word only for the worst of the worst. Like the Pontiac Aztec. Now thats a fugly car. No offense to any owners out there, just my opinion. I'm sure you are a nice person and all, you just own a fugly car.

I was cleaning my bathroom earlier with Clorox cleanup and now I'm seeing flashing lights. I wonder if its a migrane coming or too many fumes? Thats the only thing that really kills the pee smell from the son or sons with the really bad aim. This too shall pass, right? Before I know it, they will be all grown up and leaving the seat up and pee-ing all over their own bathrooms. I will look back and laugh, right? Well, maybe.

Other knitting news. I finished a gorgeous ribbed scarf for my father. I dare him not to love it. Its a manly scarf. It's a classic in a charcoal grey with slight flecks of red and yellow. Yep, I dare him not to love it. I will keep y'all posted on that one...

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I'd rather be blogging

That pretty much sums it all up. I do not feel like being responsible today. It's Wednesday and thus far this week I have been a very good girl. I have even set aside knitting (gasp) to organize and do paayperrwerk. But, the Christmas cookies will not get baked with that attitude, missy! And, as I have discovered after years of employing the scientific method, the laundry does not put itself away. Damn! And whats with the people in this house? Always with the "I'm hungry", "what's for dinner?" and my personal favorite "there's no food in the house." Translated: " there are no more Poptarts, chips, soda, or chocolate in the house, now fetch!"

I am also a bit depressed. Even though I am using this sunny color today, do not be fooled. It is only masking an underlying depression. My favorite 15-and a half year-old is fffffffaiiiiling everything. Yes, he is. We have done all the meetings with all the school people. I have begged, bribed, pleaded, grounded, cried and plied any other method known to parents on this child. My only conclusion can be that this brilliant (yes, he is) young man does not give a shit. He really does not. He was not behaving the least bit affected by the fffffff's on the report card. Took it in stride. I asked him "how do you feel about this, aren't you upset or stressed?" "Uhhh, nope." was the reply. It's no wonder I like to tip the bottle a bit.

Speaking of my vices, the not smoking thing is going sooo much better. I have cut down to 3 yesterday. And I am able to delay my a.m. smoke until after 9. Progress. I rewarded myself by tucking away my not smoking savings in a corner of my wallet. Then I got a little bit of yarn yesterday and some new Lantern Moon needles in a size I don't already have. I then started to knit a scarf for my father for Christmas. I have been dreading making/buying something for him because he always finds fault with it, wants to return it etc. And this from a man who actually requested deoderant for Christmas one year. My latest failure was those Trekker things you put on your shoes so you don't slip on the ice. He is accident prone, he is 79, and I swear he looks for the icy patches to try to defy them. Well, he read the directions which state do not walk indoors while wearing. This stressed him out because he would have to take literally 3 steps to the back door in them. He insisted I return them. I refused. I don't keep receipts, thats paayperweerk and responsible. I told them to just give the Trekkers away to someone at church. I have this stubborn gene, I just can't seem to quit no matter how angry or hurt he makes me. I'm gonna get it right sometime, damn it! I know I never will, deep down. But it would be nice some time to just get it right.


"Bless me father, for I have sinned." "What is your sin, my daughter?" "I have been seduced by the bright colors and textures of novelty yarns." "You have learned your lesson, then?" "Yes!" "Then go to your LYS and partake only of the natural fibers of your forefathers. Go, and sin no more!"

Last year, I spent precious time and money on novelty yarns. Yes, they are fun. The problem is they are just that, a novelty. Down the road, we will look at our many fun fur scarves, trimmed hats and other foofery and would not be caught dead in any of it. I was looking at a skein of some Dale of Norway wool blend Siska and I had my epiphany. It was the same price a skein as the novelty yarns. Maybe the answer really is moderation. Make sure you get plenty of natural fibers in your stash, and an occasionl novelty yarn. Much like the occasional cocktail.

Maybe I sound a little extreem to some. Its kinda like eating too much candy and then getting sick. You just don't care for any candy for a while after that.

Friday, December 09, 2005


So today I continued to forge ahead in my paperwork. I'm doing my sons' financial aide forms on the computer and I keep running into little problems. Like it wouldn't give me my pin #, then it kept telling me I put the wrong info in when I KNEW it was right. So I tried the live on line help thing which after an hour waiting (don't worry, I worked on a sock) it miraculously started working without ever getting the help. Go figure. Now I need to get ahold of my son for some vital info. Nothing is ever simple. Whatever. I thought doing this online would save time, but sometimes I wonder if old fashioned paper would have been faster.

Working on another sock. This one is sherbet colors. I think I will keep a pair of this color for moi. This weekend will not have alot of knitting time, as I am going to bake Christmas cookies. I am exchanging with another chick so we can mix it up a little bit. I think I'm making spritz cookies and rum balls. My friends mother always made rum balls and I havent had them in years. Sound good? Then ya gotta have frosted sugar cookies. I mean, ya gotta. So tomorrow is getting the tree and decorating, and then baking. FAFSA forms while they bake and cool maybe, or a round or 3 on a sock. Have a great weekend, peace, love, and knitting!

Thursday, December 08, 2005


Scroll down and see added pics I added to a previous post. Because, just because.

I wish I was a Crissy doll...

I cut my hair today. By myself. It was a move of desperation. As a hairdresser, I can do this but I do not recommend this to the general public. So what happened is I have had 2 BAAAD haircuts in a row. I'm talking uneven to the point of 2 inch difference between front and back. She clearly missed the class on blending. I am in search of a new hairdresser in CA and now I am terrified to try again. So I lived with the last hc for 3 weeks now because I figured I should let it grow a little before the next try. I reached critical mass with the bad hair this morning. I decided I couldn't ruin what was already a disaster. I am pleased to say, I did an amazing job. I even love it. Its short again, but it will grow. These are the times I wish I was a Crissy doll with the hair that grows when you pull the pony tail. ( I always wanted one, maybe I should check e-bay. ) I almost want to do hair again. I do actually, I just don't want to keep the hours required. It's something to think about.

My superhuman knitting abilities

Not smoking is not going well. I guess it depends on how you look at it. I have cheated a little, but I haven't given up completely. Well, I'm still trying.

As for my procrastination situation of the other day, I am still trying to forge my way through my list of to-do's for the week. I think that since I do some of my finest work under pressure, I sub-consciously force myself into the situation. I manage to pull it off somehow. Oh, who cares why I do it? I just wish I could either change (not likely) or learn to not feel guilty about the way I am. On the bright side, my superhuman ability to hyper-focus has enabled me to produce a sock a day. Yes, you read that right. I have gone from almost 2 weeks to knit a pair to one sock in just over 1 day. If it weren't for the kids, and hubby and the domestic duties they require I could probably almost do 2. But then, I may begin to look wild-eyed. Better not try it.

Adam sweater update: I decided to knit it in the inexpensive Red Heart Camo. print. Why? Because I will never get it done any other way. He will be thrilled just the same. The main thing is to make him happy. At least its not a boring yarn.

Mike and Jessica are coming in a week! So excited! He will love love LOVE it here. Especially the cars. Speaking of cars, I found a '65 Mustang in gorgeous condition, blue at a car lot yesterday. Fantasizing about trading in the shaggin' wagon for it. Just a thought.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


I managed to accomplish most of what I needed to today despite my restlessness. I needed to say that. I feel better now. Now I can finish another sock, and catch Nip/Tuck. And drink a little more wine.

road blocks on the pathway to procrastination

OK, so I've been trying to really get on top of things I hate doing. Like paperwork. I start in with good intentions and then I can't bring up the pin # from the web site that I need to get started. UGGGH. So now I have to call some number for assistance. Blah, blah blah... It doesn't take much to trip me up. And now I have to figure out the new printer because my hubby has declared me a tech geek. So I read the directions....big deal...and I like to figure stuff out. Thats the rest of my job today. And if I don't do that, I can't finish some of my other paperwork which needs to be copied. Oh crap! I just don't feeeeel liiiike it. (note the whine in my typing) My inclination is to just do something different like...KNIT. At the beach. Yeah. But that would not be the responsible thing to do. My tan is suffering for all this responsibility crap.

Here is something new. I have quit smoking as of Saturday. I was so irritable over the weekend I didn't feel like posting. I wanted to rip peoples heads off. It was bad. And the anxiety was overwhelming at times. I think that was the reason I started smoking to begin with was the anxiety thing. So I knit and cleaned furiously over the weekend. In fact everything I did was furious. Also on Saturday I went to the Market Place at the OC fairgrounds. What fun! I got me a bag lady cart so I can haul my goodies everytime I go. And they have all kinds of food, produce and even beer and margaritas. Now thats the way to shop. I was thinking about decorating my cart with some knitted bling. Maybe weave some novelty yarn through the wiring. I will post that picture. Yeah, so I will be going back there. Good times.

Friday, December 02, 2005

kip'n at the orthopedist

Justin was supposed to get a cast today, instead he had his bone re-broken and got a splint. We were there like all afternoon. Justin says it really hurts worse than the original break. I knew it looked twisted. Lesson learned (again) when they tell you in the er to make your apt. with the ortho. for 1 week, DON'T listen. Get the soonest available apt. you can. It wouldn't have been so bad if he got this done the next day. Now we are waiting for the pizza delivery guy like a pack of ravenous wolves.

By the way, for those who don't know... KIP means knitting in public.


Oprah has her list, so here's mine...
1. Starbucks coffee, in any form. Consume daily as needed. Found on almost every streetcorner in California. I love this country!
2. Philosophy products. All of them. Look good, smell good, feel good.
3. Lantern Moon knitting needles. Made by women in a village in Vietnam. Proceeds benefit the village. They knit like buttah.
4. Del Taco Crispy Fish Tacos. Muy Bueno!
5. Hawaiian Sweet Onion Kettle Chips. Addictive!
6. In n Out Burgers and Fries. Fresh and Simple.
7. The movie March of the Penguins. I love penguins, and its fascinating if you watch shows like Natl. Geo. or Wild Kingdom, or Animal Planet. Only better because of Morgan Freeman's narration.
8. Birkenstocks. Especially when I only pay $39.95 a pair.
9. Maxx NY handbags. Quality without the exhorbitant pricetag of other designer brands.
10. Blogging.
11. Above all else KNITTING. In fact, every single thing on this list I can say I was either wearing, using, eating or watching while knitting at one point or another.


Thursday, December 01, 2005

Check it out!

My brother in law has a very thought provoking blog. He is an artist, gamer, bmx'r and many other interesting things. Check it out, he's been at this for a few years or so. I really like the post about Earwax. It's For me. You won't regret it.

I feel orange

Each day I post I ask myself, "What color are you today?" I'm not sure what orange says. Ususally pink, blue or purple mean "I feel pretty." I feel warm now and I do believe it is the inexpensive French wine (chardonnay) in the very pretty bottle. Orange is a warm color. Here is another cool thing about Cali: wine and other booze in the grocery stores, drug stores and even the Dollar store! There is never a reason to be without an affordable alcoholic beverage in this state. In 5 minutes I was at Ralphs' gettn my pretty French wine. For $7.99. With my Ralphs' card.

Extreem disappointment to report. I was at my favorite LYS (local yarn store) this afternoon to price out making a very awesome sweater. Two hundred and fifty dollars American. Yes, you read that right. It's Merino. It's gorgeous. I would look fabulous in it. It will not happen. Walk away from the yarn.

My van is off the road. The engine light is on. Its been on for 4 months. I believe that is a bad sign. Right now, we have decided to take it off the road, go to one vehicle and let our son use the car in NY for college. So my dh (dear husband) is thinking about selling the van and getting a moped. 138 mpg. DH will drive the moped more than I. Our vehicle out here is a Hyundai Tuscon, little truck suv thing. I really like it. It's tight, feels good. Lotsa' giddyup. Drawback. It's that silver that every other thing on the road is except for the ones that are that champaign gold (like my van). Silver is worse though. I want my next car to be lime green or something. I need the help in the parking lot. Plus, did you ever notice that silver is almost invisible in the fog? It blends in with the road too. So he can drive the moped in the bike lane up to Long Beach on the PCH. I think he should borrow one first to see if it is a viable solution. Of course I am concerned he will get flattened on this thing. The older I get, the more I worry about these things. Actually, I feel like a motorcycle would be safer because I see people do stupid things in the bike lane.

I must go clean up my kitchen, so I can put on my jammies and knit for a little bit. Peace, Love, and Knitting ya'll.

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