Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Spandex and Haters

Back on line at last!!!! My son got the computer all infected w/this virus that ruined the hard drive. That really sucks. So here I am again. I am busy knitting gifts for Christmas, scarves, fingerless gloves, and now SOCKS. I was afraid of socks, and mainly dpns. Its not bad once ya get going. Oh, and shrugs, made 2 of them, so cute. But i gotta give them away. I set aside my tank shirt for the time being so I can get through my gift list.

Random thought: Fashion don't - spandex pants that match your burgundy hair. Actually, spandex pants and burgundy hair are separate and equal fashion don'ts.

Bad experience: Recently I was sitting at a stoplight in my Dodge shagginwagon, which is still sporting NY tags, minding my own business when a young surferdude pulls up behind me and starts SCREAMING at me and I quote "Go back to New York Muthaf@&#a" Like 3 times. I wanted to get out and give him some good old fashioned road rage piece of my mind like "New Yorkers invented road rage you @!$%%%&^* piece of ##$&(&$, so don't mess with me!!!!" But I didn't. My neck veins were popping at the stress of restraining myself. Someone told me that Californinans hate NYers. I find that hard to believe. I think my experience was just a random hater. I say peace, love and knitting....

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Hi..this is Kim...nice blog. It's a nice way to meet knitters from all over, which is kind of neat.

I can't believe that anyone would have the nerve to scream such an awful thing to anyone! Ack..the manners some people have. I applaud the restraint...that's almost more frustrating than the actual act of rudeness itself...
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