Wednesday, November 02, 2005

SPAM spam SPAM !!!! Not Monty Python either.

I really hate to acknowledge this, but so far, 3 of my 4 comments are from spammers. Now thats really depressing. And I bet they don't even knit. Parasites and bottomfeeders. Let this be known, if you are spamming me, I will simply delete you. I wish there was a delete button for lots of other things. Handy, like the "easy button" in the commercial. I want one of those, just because.

word verification will eliminate the spam comments. Have nice day!
Oh man, I hate spams too.
Especially from that Askintoo guy.
You're right. He probably doesn't knit. I love knitting.
You go.
You beat me by one comment...I got so excited the first day I had my blog and had a comment...until I read it ;). That word verification is kind of a pain, but worth it...
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