Thursday, November 17, 2005


Ok, I just want to gush about a knitting magazine. I have been reading Simply Knitting a mag from the UK and I simply love it. I love this months edition. There is a pattern by Debbie Bliss for a baby sweater, a chunky yarn roll edge "jumper" as the Britts call sweaters.

Another mag I love is Vogues Knit 1, geared to a trendy, hip knitter. The fun knitter, like you. This month is about guy knitters, and although it is not my favorite issue to date, it is still filled with goodies. What I like about it is projects are in Lion Brand yarns, which are found easily and are for the budget conscious. Of course you can substitute yarn, and the patterns are easy to follow. I am a bit of a yarn snob, but I also use Lion Brand. Depends on what it is. If its a hat my boys will loose anyway at school, I'm not spending more for the wonderful to touch stuff. My boys don't know the difference (yet) and could care less.

Camoflage sweater. Adam. one of my other sons, you know, the kid who becomes just like one of your own. I mean, just like. Anyway, last year I made him a ski hat from some camo print yarn. He loves it. Now he wants a sweater. The hat is really cool. Its his favorite. The problem is it is a very cheap yarn and I can't stand the thought of making an entire sweater from it. So much love and many hours go into a sweater as you all know. He keeps asking me when he gets the camo sweater. I have an idea rolling around in my brain of this camo pattern in a SIMPLE sweater. I have a basic pullover pattern or two that would work. Now I have to map out this camo pattern. You know, the gobs of varing shades of green and tan. It would be one massive intarsia creation. I cannot even fathom such a creation, you know working it out on paper and then doing it. Eiiii-yiiiiiii-yiiiiii-yiiiii!!!! I wish he was joking, but he keeps asking when I'm gonna do it. I am in soooo much trouble because I couldn't tell this kid no if I tried. He says I'm his #1 mom. His mom passed away when he was 12. That is SUCH an honor to be called mom by him. What do I do?

I am drinking bloody marys tonight. Hubby made em so good. Its a budget recipe, but I will share it with you because I love the flavor. V-8, vodka (any kind) and Montreal Steak seasoning sprinkled on top. It has an awesome zing.

I have been packing and cleaning today. We are leaving for a trip to NY tomorrow for Thanksgiving. The boys are totally excited. It is not a productive thing for me to be drinking vodka, and working on my blog tonight. But here I am. I work better under pressure. Its cold there and I hate the cold. But there are people I dearly love there, and sorely miss. Especially my Michael. It has been a rough 4 months with out my first born. Especially since he chose to stay in NY and we chose to go to California. I Love it in CA. I love the weather. I love the fact that the economy is not depressed. And it makes me feel guilty that I love it so much. Our area of NYS is economically depressed to put it politely. I wish I could afford to live here forever. Problem is our house in NY has 7 yrs till paid off, and the equity we have is not spit in a bucket out here. I do not have the college education, hubby does. I put him through school. Then I had 4 boys, 3 years apart. I've been busy. Hubby has a great job, but I am a minimum wage earner. I have a cosmetology license. They are a dime a dozen. So I am trying to figure out what I am going to do next. I am 41. Creative. And I love to knit. I have many ideas and I have these pipe dreams of making money doing this knitting thing. I am currently trying to figure out what my second act will be. I have my oldest going into college in January. Gotta pay for that. I am very conflicted. I have always wanted to live on the west coast and now my dream is come true for at least a year or 3. I should learn to live one day at a time better, and freak about the future a little less. I know that at this point, a job I would get would do very little to help our situation. So to all those little girls out there all bright eyed and bushy tailed: Go to school, pursue your dreams. Get your FRICKEN education. I didn't. But I also did a great thing. I made my decision. But I could have squeezed in some school if I had waited to get married and have kids. Just a little while. So now the challenge is to squeeze in a dream in the middle of real life. Vodka speaks truth sometimes. Have a great Thanksgiving! Happy Knitting!

A camo sweater would be the Intarsia Project From Hell....Ack.
Oh Kim, you are sooo right. If I ever do this sweater I shall name it the Intarsia Project from Hell. I bet I could sell lotsa copies of that pattern!
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