Tuesday, November 29, 2005

KIP'N in the e.r.

Yesterdays' post was rather large and I omitted a significant event from the weekend. My son Justin, the skateboarder, decided to jump off a large dumpster on skateboard Sunday night. The land did not go well and he broke his right arm. He walks in the door w/a friend and informs me I need to take him to the hospital RIGHT NOW. I take a peek, yep, its broke. The telltale bulging wrist was all I needed to see. He was in the car before I could grab the keys, but I did take the time to grab the knitting. I made great progress on the sock in the waiting room. Oh the things I could have knit in the e.r.'s over the years, had I known. I know the drill all too well with 4 boys. My oldest was the worst. I have literally lost count of the broken bones with him. No lie. And that isn't even counting his trips to the e.r. for non-bone stuff. Pneumonia, 2 week stays for Asthma and related virus. The cut open forehead. I'm sure I'm forgetting something. Oh, the things I could have knit!

I also left out yesterday how I am getting the stash home from my mother. We decided to ship it. That way, my mother in law can also send back whatever else we left behind, as I'm sure we did.

Yesterday I witnessed a sister in knitting doing her thing at a bus stop, so I gave her a shout out. "Whatcha' makin' ?" "Wristletts on DPN's". Knit on sista' friend.

Dang Jus wacked if his arm?! Whot up w/dat!! Tell him the cast will make him look hardcore and sexy.

Love your blog sis, gonna read it every-day!

Dont' know much about knitting but mom made me a cool sweater that had a chicken on it when i was a kid. I loved my chicken sweater, it made me feel loved.
Thanks Timmy, I'm glad u like it. e-mail me ur blog url cause I forgot it already.
Your son sounds like my brother. It seemed for a while, every time I talked to him, he'd tell me about his latest trip to the E.R....he's the only person I know who's ever had stitches in the top of his head....
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