Monday, November 21, 2005

In a New York State of mind.....

We made it, and our flight was good. Very busy seeing everyone here. My week is almost totally booked. The boys have been having a great time catching up with friends and cousins. Thank God the weather is unusually nice. Sunny for 3 days now, don't know how much longer it will last! It's cold, but if the suns out, then its all good.

Did some KIPing on the plane, and finished a sock. I have started the second one. Time to do a different pattern cause this one is starting to bore me. I am going out and about today and so that means I need to hit the LYS because my suitcase was only at 43 pounds. I can theoretically fit in 7 pounds of yarn, right? I think that would be hilarious if I really did that, can you IMAGINE cramming it in the overstuffed suitcase? "But honey, it should fit, they said it only weighed 43 lbs."

You pack like me!! We usually drive to our vacation spots, so we can take as much as we want. The one time we was sooo hard to pack. Good thing O got her own suitcase.
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