Sunday, November 27, 2005

I'm baaa-aack

It's good to be back in So. Cal. Our trip to NY was great, Thanksgiving was great, great to see everybody. The weather was a brutal slap in the face. It was freakin' cold! We got some snow and ice and wind and slippery driving. I'm good now for another year. My youngest son, Ryan did some sled riding on Thanksgiving day. And hubby and 2 sons did some hunting. I got some yarn. Boy did I. I of course got some at my favorite LYS, but then when I visited my mother she gave me her whole yarn stash. A large garbage bag full. I told her I am sending it all back to her in the form of socks. There are a few unfinished projects to be frogged. Ryan likes to crochet so I told him he can pick out what he wants. He looses interest quickly, but he picks it up and works with me sometimes. We are going to make ornaments with some of the odds n ends.

Our flight home was packed of course. The ride was rather bumpy for a while. In fact, the bumpiest (a word?) I have ever flown on. Then there was somebody who brought on some eggrolls, and another individual who had really baad gas for the entire flight. The combination of all of the above made my stomach churn. I still feel yuck just thinking about it. It became a mental battle not to loose it. Normally, it's no problem to me.

I finished a pair of sox in NY and gave them promptly to my oldest son who works on a car lot detailing all day. He said they were WONDERFUL. It warmed my knitterly, motherly heart to hear that. I got another sock going and could be done tomorrow with it. I am a sock knitting crazy woman. This pair has a rolled cuff instead of the ribbed. Me LIKEY alot. I may keep these for me!

Has anybody read the blog about Festivus? Remember the Seinfeld episode where Frank Costanza had his own holiday, and it was about complaining, and cheapness and other crazy stuff? Well there is some guy with a blog about Festivus, which I think is great in and of itself except he is selling aluminum Festivus poles for $37.50! That is soooo anti-Festivus! The reason they had an aluminum pole was because Frank was too cheap to get a new tree and had the old shiny aluminum skeleton. I may even start to celebrate Festivus myself. I think the concept is great, you get all your complaining and general irritability out of the way on Dec. 23 and then you go into Christmas (or whatever for you others who do Chanukah or secular stuff). My big thing about Christmas is that it is about the birth of a Savior. Period. I enjoy holiday traditions, but sometimes I think we get too caught up in the rush and hub-bub to really enjoy. Maybe if people had a little Festivus to clear out the crap they could enjoy the real meaning of Christmas. I am hardly the grinch, I love to shop and give. It just seems like the pressure from the media gets bigger every year. That has me wanting to just pull in my family away from it all and do something different.

Well its time to watch Peyton Manning and the Colts. Love Monday Night Football!

Thanks for leaving a note of condolence on my blog, you don't know how much it's helped.

It sounds like you had a great time in NY! How did you fit all of that yarn in your suitcase?

Thanks for explaining what Festivus was...I saw a Seinfeld commercial on UPN tonight, and it had a sign that read "Happy Festivus". Had no clue what that was. I never really watched Seinfeld, because when it was on TV the first time, I always worked Thursday nights. I can finally see all the episodes now that they're on DVD.
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