Friday, November 11, 2005

I promise...

to post pictures of some of my creations before I give them away. The shrugs are really cool and I am soooo proud of the socks. The newest pair is in the works and I have my knitting bag packed for a trip this weekend. We are going to Arizona for a get together, and staying just over the border in Nevada at a Casino/hotel. Thats new for me. I guess its a "family" place and I hope so because the 3 wild ones are coming with us. I am excited about going to the desert. Its our first time. Alot of firsts for us New Yorkers out here in the west. Maybe there will be a yarn store on the way... hey, ya never know...

Arizona is sooo neat...we've gone twice to Scottsdale, and just love it.

Thanks for the comments on my's nice to know that someone (besides my husband) reads it.
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