Friday, November 04, 2005

The Case of the Frogged Sock

I frogged the sock. I was painful, but it was necessary. I was at the toe, and I knew that even though it looked good, the next sock would be better and not match. So I have started fresh and so relieved. This sock is much nicer and I am getting a second set of dpns to start the second sock at the same time. I am heading out to Longbeach to Alametos Bay Yarn Co. this morning for some stash enhancement. Love that shop! I have a tip for sock knitters, but maybe you already have discovered this. A ziplock bag to slip your work into keeps it safe in your knitting bag or purse from accidental unraveling. Sometimes its the simple things in life, ya know? Well, time to hit the road. And thanks for the suggestions on the spam situation. Peace Love and Knitting!

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